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Research on the Fan Set Control System of Winter Cold-Resistant in the Shang Qing Mine

Author YuJingZhe
Tutor PengJiShen
School Liaoning Technical University
Course Power Electronics and Power Drives
Keywords Mine cold Fan Plc IFix4.5 Ethernet
Type Master's thesis
Year 2011
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In winter freezing phenomenon happens in the main shaft, auxiliary shaft, the Central Air Shaft, cage and connecting devices of shang qing mine. The dangers of winter cold are briefly discussed and the fact that its production has been troubled by a major problem is understood.At present there is no good way to solve the mine cold problem of shang qing mine at home and abroad, So solving the winter cold problem of mine is of good promotion value and great significance, not only it can greatly improve productivity and economic benefits, but also it has great role in promoting effective and far-reaching impact on mine development in the future.In this paper, we analyze the Ventilation network of shang qing mine to Learn the Ventilation of shang qing mine and propose solutions, through controlling the fan and damper to resolve the problem of winter cold and gun smoke poisoning, So that fans monitoring system of the multi-machine station are designed and analysis.The fan control system includes hardware and software systems, Hardware system design includes the seleetion of the S7-200 Programmable Logic Controller’s modules sensor seleetion and installation, the selection of fiber optic transceivers, selection of optical fiber distribution box, the selection of the ethernet communication, etc; The design of software systems includes S7-200 Programmable Logic Controller software design, the preparation of the exchange of human-computer interface to monitor based on iFix4.5 configuration software, site meter’s data acquisition and signal proeessing, preservation of historical data, record report, trend curve, the introduction of security alarm system, etc; Ultimately,ensuring the safety and reliability of the ventilation system.The main functions of the monitoring system include monitoring and recording the status of fans and dampers for entire ventilation system; remotely or locally controlling fan reversing, starting and stopping, Throttle switching etc; Displaying or alarming the data cof all sensors.The monitoring center carries on the monitoring to fans of each station, through this system through in-depth set of control system,may the prompt discovery accident’s hidden danger, avoid its occurrence.

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