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Exploration of Soil and Crop Selenium for Development of Se-Rich Produce in Ruian, ZheJiang Province

Author WangShaoHua
Tutor ZhouBaoLiang
School Nanjing Agricultural College
Course Agricultural Extension
Keywords Rich-selenium Development Strategy Research
CLC S153
Type Master's thesis
Year 2010
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Selenium is known to one of 14 kinds of essential trace elements. With the development of modern science, there have been a lot of researches about the disease prevention with selenium in the world, in particular, the successful use of selenium in some parts of endemic disease prevention and control. So, people have a correct understanding of selenium and selenium in nutrition, medicine and life sciences are widely used and developed.Distribution of selenium content in soil reflected in regional environmental quality is an important parameter. It is very important on the evolution of soil environmental quality, human activities on soil quality and the rational exploitation and utilization of land resources. Selenium content is controlled of parent material and soil geochemical environment during the formation. The researches about the selenium content of soil distribution, soil selenium content, distribution and influencing factors can provide a theoretical basis for the development of local economy, the rational development and use of local rich natural resources, and the changing resource advantages into economic advantages.We have systematic study the land distribution about selenium and chemical speciation in soil resources in Ruian. It reveals all about the Ruian area cultivated soil geochemistry of selenium in state. According to the requirements for the researches, statistical analysis, and scientific effectiveness, we have study statistical collection and analysis on soil and crop. On the scientific data and statistical analysis, we have got accurate and reliable conclusions. There are the results about the cultivated soil selenium content and distribution in Ruian. The average selenium content in cultivated soill in Ruian is 0.48mg/kg. According to" The People’s Republic of China Atlas of endemic diseases and the environment", we can determine the selenium-enriched soil in Ruian. Ruian coastal beach selenium deficiency (<0.125 mg/kg), the eastern coastal plain area (115 Km2), Mayu Town (3.8 Km2) and xianjiang Town (8.5 Km2) along parts of Fei River area are in lack of selenium. The central plains, the relatively flat river valley plains and hills and mountains along the gold trend to Lake Ridge, an area is 413.01 Km2, and selenium content of the medium zone is about 0.175-0.4 mg/kg. Selenium content (>0.4mg/kg) of enriched soil area is 779.28Km2,57% of total area of the city, and the enriched soil resources are mainly distributed in the western mountains. The study also measures the chemical speciation of selenium, total selenium content, water soluble selenium, organic selenium, exchangeable and soil physical and chemical properties of selenium, including PH value, clay, organic matter, and cation exchange capacity of relevance. According to analysis, the result is that the organic selenium is a major contribution to the effective factors in the total soil, soil physical and chemical properties of soil on the role of selenium is effective. The study also measures the selenium content of crops, which the average selenium content is 0.014mg/kg, water chestnut bamboo shoots 0.011mg/kg, tea 0.130mg/kg, yam 0.015mg/kg, rice 0.070mg/kg. According to "the scope of Selenium in Selenium-enriched food", it is the rich agricultural. On this basis, the paper also proposed agricultural development plant about Ruian Se Bayberry, horseshoe bamboo, tea, yam, rice. This project is unique and effective use of Ruian city, rich in natural resources, farmland soil selenium, accelerates the optimization and adjustment of Ruian agricultural structure, creates edge features rich agricultural base, develops and product the high quality Se-rich product. So, Se-rich region can promote economic development and agricultural efficiency farmer income. The project research results will provide a scientific basis on Ruian development of selenium resources and Se-rich Industry.

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