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Dubai Animation Platform Web System Design and Analysis

Author LiHongSong
Tutor YinYiLong
School Shandong University
Course Software Engineering
Keywords Anime FLASH Web Design Mutual
CLC TP393.09
Type Master's thesis
Year 2009
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Today, the rapid development of the Internet, the Internet become quick access, publish, and an important channel for transmission of information, it is in people's political, economic and other aspects of life plays an important role. Therefore, the construction site on the Internet application status is obvious that it has become the government, enterprises and institutions of information technology is an important part of the so much attention. 2006, see the network as unlimited growth potential inherent in animation, portals, integrated classes, games, entertainment, and other sites, have construction anime, animation, cartoons and other relevant channels, strongly developed mainly anime, animation, etc. Atlas resources. These sites started early, strong technology, comprehensive strength far exceeds anime websites, the most important thing is to have a better profit model has been able to have funds and human resources for the development of animation plate. Good technical support, powerful content management systems, human resources, coupled with the web site has a lot of popularity and ready-to-use promotional platform, will soon be taken away from a professional anime site popularity and traffic. And most of the animation website belongs to personal websites, for enterprise operation site also one of the few professional animation and the time is very short, growth is slower. This paper analyzes the current development of domestic and foreign animation site after the cartoon network from brand building to proceed, mainly on the website interface design in today's technological development, how to carry out the construction of interactive websites made FLASH discussed. And for a typical private company's innovative animation anime thematic sites, according to the website's functional requirements, from an artistic point of view, from the early elements of creativity and the creative, to the latter using FLASH technology architecture of the entire site has been designed to achieve . To achieve this goal, the completion of the user understand how to interact with the site is easy and easily find the information and, more importantly, derive a unique experience pleasant feelings. Article consists of the following parts: The first part is an introduction, describe Web interface design development status, FLASH technology, a brief description of the static interface design and the technical merits of the Department. Analysis of the current stage of development of domestic and foreign animation website status and Dubai anime site location, proposed design goals. The second part of Dubai Civil Case egg move anime website needs analysis, mainly for the functional requirements and non-functional requirements analysis, preliminary set design. Part III on the basis of the needs analysis, site architecture design for the Dubai animation. First, according to the demand made design goals and principles, and then were technical architecture and functionality of the site architecture design. Main technical architecture of the website maintainability and performance problems, so using the upper and lower split frame structure design, the design of the various parts of the main frame sections function. In the functional architecture design, discusses the function of various parts of the system components, and finally gives a dynamic functional processes, and how to be implemented in FLASH. Then according to the principle of psychological principles and visual communication made Dubai the site visually oriented animation principles and visual communication processes. The fourth part of the design architecture of the site is further detailed design of the function of each embodiment, the part of the previous frame in accordance with design and functional design, the design and implementation of the sections described. In this section, PHP mainly discusses how various systems interact with FLASH technology front, for php function system construction is briefly made the introduction. Then used in the FLASH key foreground synergistic effects of a detailed description of the design, mainly reflected in the interactive website above, how to design with a fun way to browse to explain to achieve the design goals described earlier said use FLASH technology necessity. The fifth part is the design and implementation, we tested the site and optimize the speed, and the website in search engine optimization. Finally, this paper to summarize the FLASH website design application put forward their views and this research work deficiencies.

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