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Research on the Design of QLTV Station Network

Author GuoMingHe
Tutor WangRuiJin
School Shandong University
Course Business Administration
Keywords TV Station Network Media Asset Management Media Service Bus
CLC G229.2
Type Master's thesis
Year 2011
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As China’s "Cultural Industry Promotion Plan" promulgated in wide power grid, in the broadcast television networks, telecommunications networks and Internet triple play in the context of digital technology on the traditional TV industry has had an impact, not only in gathering, editing, broadcast production and other traditional programs field, but also in the field of production management and business management. On the one hand is "Separation of broadcast and production" as the representative of the media industry trend intensifies; On the other hand, digital, networked, high-definition broadcast television marked by technological advances, of which TV station Network has been the development and application of network focus of the industry. TV television network construction are areas of information technology, is to promote innovation and development in the field of radio and television an important way to meet the media industry, integration of information resources, cost savings and improve the program requirements of the production process, is becoming a TV station to improve management efficiency, enhance Channel the best choice for overall competitiveness.This paper is divided into four parts.First discusses the background and purpose of QLTV station network research. With the digital and network development, the traditional media such as radio and television stations is gradually out of a single business in the form, try to network media, mobile media and print media such as cross-media direction. While the Media Group’s internal, in pursuit of timeliness and maximize the return on the principle of shared resources greatly enhanced the urgency, in order to achieve real-time information updates, resource integration and intensive management objectives, the establishment of a unified TV Station technology network architecture, the whole station network is the inevitable choice.And then, I introduced TV station network concepts, through the development status of the TV station network construction review, summarized the current research in the field direction, and elaborated on this basis, the construction-related and enterprise information management theory. TV station Network is a television network to show the strength of technology, but also improve product quality, reduce operational costs and promote an effective way to manage change. TV station network construction progresses, to some extent become China’s radio and television in the direction of information technology. Then, I introduced QLTV status of information technology, and analyze the reasons for the current status quo. In addition, through Chongqing, Jinan and other television networks in TV Station Network to build a successful case analysis, leads to build the whole station network models discussed. According to corporate information technology planning principles put forward in TV Station Network design process. At the same time, I analyze the whole building by QLTV station network, the QLTV network design guidelines, design principles and overall architecture. Taking into account the whole station network reliability, flexibility and practicality, can meet the QLTV the objective needs of broadcast program production, production management for the convenience, but also the original business model innovation to explore, through the depth of excavation content management can achieve the preservation and appreciation of media assets.Finally, the whole station network design and planning based on specific requirements, combined with QLTV actual situation of information technology, I designed QLTV Station Network various functions and all five sub-station network, using their respective function modules together support from the network to achieve interoperability of an integrated information platform.In this paper, the reality of information technology through case studies, comparative analysis, data compilation and statistical and other methods of QLTV station network construction conducted a feasibility study. Also by other domestic television network construction in TV Station Network case study, combined with the current development of this station and business development needs, I proposed the establishment of media asset management system as the core, and media service bus-based flexible network architecture on QLTV station network system. TV Station Network hopes to optimize the construction of network program production processes, improve management efficiency and production platforms and programs to achieve integrated service platform interoperability, increasing the value of assets to achieve the content, which is a television station to explore new business model of an active exploration For other stations also have a positive reference.

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