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The Design and Application of University Canteen Management System Based on J2EE

Author GongGuoXue
Tutor ZhaoHeJi
School Shandong University
Course Software Engineering
Keywords Shandong Vocational College of Commerce university canteen management system J2EE
CLC TP311.52
Type Master's thesis
Year 2009
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A harmonious campus is the main theme of management development in colleges and universities, while the college canteen is not only to meet the physical needs of teachers and students dining place, but also university teachers and students gathered to exchange events. Therefore, improving the canteen service, to create a good cultural atmosphere of the cafeteria, is a harmonious construction of an important part of the campus. With the constant expansion of colleges and universities, most colleges and universities have begun to notice that the computer information technology and network technology in colleges and universities in the importance of logistics management. The canteen management in Logistics Management College, he also has a very important role. Because of the particularity of canteen management, canteen management work involved in multi-branch, the business complex, informative, which makes the system development has a long development cycle, functional complex, participants and more difficult to demand a complete set and so on. With the logistics community colleges and universities the deepening of reform, the vast majority of colleges and universities catering sector has embarked on a market-oriented path. As an operational entity, university catering for students from teachers and students not only to provide high quality catering services, but also to maintain their own survival and development.In this paper, "Shandong Vocational College of Commerce," the cafeteria, for example, according to the actual situation of college caters operations, through the analysis and calculation to obtain a large number of relevant data, on this basis to design the college canteen management system. MVC pattern is proposed based on university canteen management system design concept and implementation program, which has overcome traditional low efficiency, single-module system development, maintainability is not strong, scalability, and reusability poor shortcomings.The paper, mainly from the following aspects has been studied and explored:1. In this paper, information management systems development and software engineering theory as guidance, process-oriented systems analysis and design method based on adoption of a specific, integrated system project, the whole process, the complete introduction of the advanced system analysis and The concept of design methods and techniques for information system requirements analysis and design methods, pointing out that the system development life cycle, focus on business events, object-oriented, architecture design, design patterns, database design, etc., in order to overcome the complexity of system model , thereby improving the software architecture to improve software maintainability and scalability. At the same time, this article on the three-tier structure of the system conducted a study on the promotion of the object hierarchy from areas such as methods and strategies to be considered, proposed to build three-tier structure of object-oriented application systems. And from the system conversion and maintenance of the system put forward to achieve.2. For college canteen management system, the main part of the development process and content of the analysis and research, the main use cases, including system requirements analysis, system functions and database design, user interface design.3. On the paper to improve the program in college canteen management system development in specific application are described. This paper presents an improvement proposal to shorten the system development cycle, saving development costs, improve development efficiency and improve the reusability of the system, for "Shandong Business Vocational College" in college canteen management system has a certain reference value.4. The topics are mainly Shandong Vocational College of Commerce canteens as the research object, the use of the system point of view to analyze the actual situation of the school canteen management, management information systems by means of principle, the use of statistical and forecasting theories and methods to carry out related applications research work. Specifically, is to the school canteen management structure and the actual empirical data based on the establishment of university canteen management model, focusing on analysis of the school canteen management mode and method of the current disadvantages and to propose the need for university canteen management system construction. The system can canteen management through a large number of historical data and real-time monitoring data for effective processing and analysis to extract the core of the associated information for management to provide a wide range of management and information support. The success of the overall system design and effective operation of the promotion of university logistics management to change the direction of information management, canteen management process to minimize the various waste and improve energy efficiency, reduce operating costs colleges and universities to enhance the strength of Higher Education, for the creation of conservation-oriented campus has a very important practical significance.

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