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Research on Sanitizable Signature and Concurrent Signature

Author WangJian
Tutor WangShangPing
School Xi'an University of Technology
Course Applied Mathematics
Keywords Digital Signature Purify the digital signature At the same time signature Discrete logarithm
Type Master's thesis
Year 2009
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Purify the digital signature is a new topic in the field of cryptography, digital signatures, and have a wide range of applications in today's society, can purify the digital signature is a new tool to solve the hidden sensitive information in the process of signature pass. A purification of the digital signature scheme, after some parts of the signed documents of a legal changes to allow the purification of a semi-trusted (or review) and does not require the original signer again can still interact purification in certain parts of the files modified to generate a valid signature, after purification by modified files can still match the original signer authentication algorithm. Digital signature can be purified due to the wide range of needs, in practice since it was proposed a universal concern, and control has been a hot and difficult purification by permission. And, as an effective way to solve fair exchange, while signing more and more extensive research attention in the field of e-commerce and other. A signature scheme, the two entities jointly generate two no binding signature until one open an additional information (called \Important information was made public, the two signatures are their real signer binding. The same time signature is a more fair economic exchange digital signatures, it does not require the arbitrator, it is far superior to the previous method, provides a whole new way of thinking for the fair exchange, but the cost can not achieve complete fairness. The signature is also more economical and practical, can be widely used in e-commerce. This paper focuses on the digital signature can purify purification digital signature scheme based on the ordinary one-way hash function, as well as the two parties based on a short ring signature signature scheme, major findings include: (1) According to the program can purify the digital signature characteristics and requirements, improved Miyazaki et al proposed digital signature scheme can be purified SUMI-4 thought of the Certificate of Authorization, proposed a new digital signature scheme can be purified, the new program can be based on any of the discrete logarithm problem the Signature Algorithm binding original signature so that the program can restrict the purification permissions, by Purifier release authorization certificate to avoid abuse of the right of purification. (2) through short signature ring signature-based analysis, improvement, and to re-construct the short ring two parties signed a new signature scheme at the same time, improve the signature of both fairness Fangguo Zhang et al. The new program is not required in the signing process of computing, validation only 2 operator, has a higher efficiency.

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