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Study on Harmornic Phase Measure and Control Methods of Active Tuned Filter

Author ZhengDing
Tutor TongXiangQian
School Xi'an University of Technology
Course Power Electronics and Power Drives
Keywords Harmonic STFT Active tunable filter
CLC TN713.8
Type Master's thesis
Year 2009
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AC tuned filter still occupies an irreplaceable position in the high - voltage , high-capacity system , but a single detuning and a single LC branch filter characteristics shortcomings restricted its development . Therefore, AC tuned filter to transform and achieve automatic continuous tuning the direction of one of the harmonic filter study . How to quickly and accurately detect the phase of harmonic filtering system is automatically continuous multi- tuned filter key . Because the active tunable filters using phase control strategy , not only to detect the amplitude of the harmonic and simultaneous detection of phase information . Instantaneous reactive power theory taking into account the difficulties in the detection of single harmonic traditional Fourier transform to detect the lack of non-stationary signals , studied the short time Fourier transform and the wavelet transform to detect single harmonic amplitude and phase information method. Establish a single harmonic detection method based on short-time Fourier transform and wavelet transform simulation models , simulation compare the test results of the two methods , the results of the comparison show that when the signal under test contains multiple harmonic frequency closer wave component , the short - time Fourier transform can be preferably detected required single harmonic component , and the detection results of the wavelet transform is poor . Single-phase single harmonic detection method based on short-time Fourier transform of the experimental system , single-phase single harmonic component and the fast and accurate detection of the phase information . This article discusses the AC tuned filter characteristics , highlights and control strategies based on the works of the the active reactor active tunable filter based on a the STFT single harmonic detection method , established source tunable filter SIMULINK simulation model and hardware experiment system , simulation and experimental results show that the filter can achieve a single branch of the multi- tuned filtering , and automatic continuous adjustment .

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