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On Li Zehou’s Historical Ontology

Author LvJiaYi
Tutor XuSuJing
School Nanjing University of Finance and Economics
Course The basic principles of Marxism
Keywords Subject activity Logic of practice Objectification “Nature humanization”and“human naturalization”
Type Master's thesis
Year 2011
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Production practice is treated as the basic and ontological cause so that the decisive significance of economic base is emphasized in Li Zehou’s phylosophy. Morality, religion and aesthetics have more independent positions in Li Zehou’s phylosophy than in Marx’s phylosophy. Economy is considered as the premise instead of the decisive factor of history. For group subject activity, Li Zehou has explained the related theories in Marx’s phylosophy in a more popular way.Li Zehou’s discussion that there’s a logic hiatus between the basic theory and the strategy theory of Marx’s phylosophy is a wrong understanding, which doesn’t treat Marx’s phylosophy as a whole system and ignores the historical role of class struggle.Li Zehou tries to provide theoretical platform for“harmonization phylosophy”and the fusion of Chinese and Marx’s phylosophy through explaining dialect from the angle of the practice theory in Marx’s phylosophy.In Li Zehou’s phylosophy, fortuity and inevitability, history and morality are central categories of historical phylosophy. The fortuity rather than the inevitability is emphasized, in which stand Li Zehou treats the profound contradiction between history and morality. For individual subject activity, Li Zehou has clarified and explained the related theories in Marx’s phylosophy.Li Zehou argues that subject activity is important content of Kant’s transcedental phylosophy and the combinition of Kant’s and Marx’s phylosophy means to provide historical explanation for Kant’s transcedental reason, which is the main development of Marx’s phylosophy by Li Zehou and has developed the internal dimension of subject activity. Content and form, social and personal morality are distinguished when morality is discussed in Li Zehou’s phylosophy. The absolute command comes before moral feelings, which suggests that the form of morality is of importance in our moral construction. The belief feelings come before moral behavior, which suggests that so-called“putting feelings of‘benevolence’into‘transcendental’reason”is only true for personal morality instead of social morality, otherwise features of Kant’s moral phylosophy will be neglected.“Practice”of Marx’s phylosophy includes not only fact but also value pole, which are equivalent to“nature humanization”and“human naturalization”in Li Zehou’s phylosophy.Essence of beauty and aesthetical feelings are explained from external and internal“nature humanization”respectively in Li Zehou’s aesthetics. Aesthetics should be understood in three levels. Aesthetic illusion is the acme of the self-achievement of cultural capital with Internet, which undermines subject activity and traditional accumulation.

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