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Study on the Village Debt Problem in Weifang City

Author ZhangBingLai
Tutor QinFu
School Chinese Academy of Agricultural Sciences
Course Rural and Regional Development
Keywords village debt problem Weifang City
CLC F302.6
Type Master's thesis
Year 2009
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At present, unbalanced development and large gap exsist between urban and rural economic societies. The key points and difficulties of the comprehensive construction of a well-off society are in the countryside.Therefore,to comprehensively construct a well-off socialist harmonious society, we must implement the scientific outlook on development, insist on the guideline to support the countryside, accelerate the development of modern agriculture, promote socialist new rural construction, and realize the coordinated development between urban and rural areas.Village-level debt, which could be measured objectively in monetary, refers to the village collective economy organization liabilities which caused by the economy business of both past and present. It is a special economic phenomenon in the process of China’s economic and social development. Its formation and expansion is accumulated for many years, and enlarged gradually with the deepening of economic system reform. The reasons for the high debt of a village-level collective economy organization are both the external and internal historical and reality factors. External factors are in country’s investment reducement on rural infrastructure and the imperfect tax-distribution management system, too much activities up to standard of advanced construction,imperfect cadres management system, and the deficiency in the farmers’burden system,etc.Internal factors are in follow items,investment decision with blindness, by lending to cope with arbitrary fund raising, the village collective economic development lags behind, The collective asset drains seriously and supervision mechanism is imperfect, etc. From the perspective of history, in the rural economy development process, some rural economic organizations to borrow blindly beyond their ability, regardless of the rural economic situation and give rise to the great amount of the village-level debt.Now,it is very difficult to dissolve the problem due to the large number and the complex relationships of the village organization, which seriously restricts the development of rural economy, weakens the function of rural grassroots organizations, and affects the stability of the countryside as well.To handle the debt positively and properly and keep new debt from increasing continually has become the current looming task. To put forward the solution and countermeasures of village collective economic organizations liabilities,it must be based on the situation of the country,countryside and village, to reform system,perfect the policies, strengthen supervision and manage in classification. By perfecting the financial transfer payment system, regulating tax-sharing system, reform of investment decision-making system, etc. so as to provide a stable source of funds for the rural economic development and infrastructure construction.Regulate the government behavior, perfecting the cadre assessment system, establishing responsibility system,contain bad debt increase, to broaden the effective way to dissolve debt, and properly handle the existing village debt, streamline institutions and personnel, compress village-level expenditure, regulating rural financial management, perfecting supervision mechanism, strengthen the management of debt source.The debt handling work of village-level collective economy organization has its own strict policy and involves a wide range and faces a big difficulty, it must be insisted on seeking truth from facts,classified guidance, and actively yet prudently, democratic public principle, step-by-step implementation, partial to solve. It has the significant practical significance to do a good job of researching and dissolving the village debt for improving the quality of rural collective asset management, promoting the healthy development of the rural economy, maintaining the stability of the rural society, constructing a socialist new countryside and developing the modern agriculture.

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