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Legal and Economic Analysis of Idle Land

Author ChenBaoZuo
Tutor SangBenQian
School Shandong University
Course Legal
Keywords Land and Resources Idle land Standardized management Economic Analysis of Law
CLC F301
Type Master's thesis
Year 2009
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The large presence of idle land has become more serious phenomenon of extravagance and waste resources, land and resources management work to clean up the disposal of idle land. From the 1980s, \take advantage of, but the idle land phenomenon is difficult to cure such as a chronic illness. Produce a large amount of idle land, different opinions, some experts attributed the current land management system, the media from the developers hoarding land speculation. This paper uses a combination of theoretical analysis and empirical analysis, qualitative analysis quantitative analysis as well as the first to analyze the reasons summarized summary from idle land Overview of idle land in the legal system of China's land price structure of idle land, land The idle land development, land transfer and other benefit analysis, idle land disposal rights conflict with other rights, improve and establish idle land system proposed six aspects of the research and demonstration of idle land. Idle land profile section, clear the concept and content of the idle land; legal system parts in the idle land, idle land, from our legal overview paper expounded the idle land disposal mode, analyzed the the unplanned land supply system, the land grading limits for examination and approval system, idle land legal system is not complete and so caused the legal origin of the idle land; China's land prices constitutes part of the impact of the idle land, the introduction of rent theory, expounded China's land price formation mechanism, and the price structure of land acquisition costs , the proportion of the cost of ownership, analyzed our theory of the price of land, to land multiple theoretical roots caused by the price mechanism, government land leasing system idle land; idle land and land development, land transfer benefit analysis part, from the recovery of idle land instance as the starting point, the difference between the idle land to recover compensation for land acquisition costs, to develop a profitable investment, transfer of land profitable as well as deposits and loans benefited obtained the land use rights to the land idle, waiting for development can achieve greater the conclusion of the profits; idle land disposal rights and other powers in the conflict part of the basic situation of idle land disposal difficult, as administrative processing power and judicial power, the mortgagee, claims the right to dispose of the conflict. Finally, the use of the inductive method of analysis, is proposed to improve the land supply system, establish and perfect idle land and the legal system, improve the land market price mechanism to regulate land use contract administrative philosophy idle behavior to eliminate idle land and to prevent the waste of a number of recommendations. Which the legal origin of idle land, our land, the price structure of idle land, idle land compensation benefit of idle land disposal rights and other rights, conflict is part of the innovation of this paper. Through the study of the causes of idle land, disposal of the status quo, in order to explore and improve the idle land disposal of the legal system, sound policies and regulations, reform land management practices, standardize the behavior of local governments currently plaguing the land and resources to effectively solve the idle land identified difficult disposal difficult reuse difficult problem to completely transform idle land disposal of the status quo, and put an end to the waste of land, regulate the land use rights of the land-use behavior and improve the level of intensive use of land conservation, crack the bottleneck of the current use of land resources, the realization of land sustainable development.

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