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Characteristics and Biological Effect of Nanometer Cluster Water

Author YangHaiYan
Tutor NaPing
School Tianjin University
Course Pharmaceutical Engineering
Keywords Nano water clusters Protein E. coli Biological effects
CLC Q504
Type Master's thesis
Year 2009
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The biological effects and safety of nanomaterials has initially entered the stage of systematic, large-scale studies. In recent years, the exploration of the physical and chemical properties as well as its impact on bio-physiological functions of clusters of water molecules on the nanometer scale structure of the molecular behavior of the hydrogen bond network cluster fields of scientific research has become a new bright spot. To carry out a study of the microstructure and physical properties of nano water molecule clusters. By means of characterization methods such as CD, UV, and examine the role of of nano water clusters in proteins (Optional lysozyme) changes in the spatial structure, bacterial (optional E. coli) growth, further analysis of the biological effects of the nano-water clusters; utilize different scale water clusters domesticated mice, examines the state of mind in mice, fasting glucose, and resistance to changes in the amount of sugar, and then analyzes the nano water molecule clusters of medicinal and biological safety. The structure and physical properties of the experimental results showed that: compared with control water sample, the conductivity of the nano-water molecule clusters increases by nearly 30 times; the density increases 0.43mg/ml; osmolality also significantly increased. By DSC, UV, XRD ordinary water molecule clusters and nano-structure of water molecule clusters analysis showed that, compared with the normal water molecule clusters, nano-ordered water molecule clusters smaller clusters of ions and protons. ability to carry. The biological effect experiments showed that: In the high-temperature denaturation process, lysozyme, nano water molecule clusters can weaken the degree of denaturation of the lysozyme; E. coli culture process, nano water molecule clusters can be suppressed for the growth of E. coli. The efficacy experiments show that: weight increased steadily with the virus in mice, the mental state of apathetic, unresponsive, slow movement, fur gloss bleak; nano water molecules cluster with phenformin combination of the domesticated mice fasting glucose steady decline; domestication 35 days mice glucose tolerance testing, within 2 hours, all the glucose tolerance of the mice are very stable, clear downward trend by nano water molecule clusters and phenformin combined use of domesticated mice tolerance; but cholesterol and triglycerides The content did not change significantly. Domesticated mice liver anatomy experiment found that the liver produces hepatic sinusoid dilatation and congestion, and there are obvious differences in the mice drinking ordinary clusters of water. After analysis, may be due to the nano water clusters appeared rapidly in the blood, and gathered in the liver, resulting in the expansion of the liver produces hepatic sinusoid congestive.

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