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The New Type Urbanization and Land Utilization Research in Nanchang

Author ZouJun
Tutor LiFangFan
School Nanchang University
Course Public Administration
Keywords Nanchang city Urbanization Rational utilization of land
CLC F293.2
Type Master's thesis
Year 2011
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As the most basic resource, Land is the base of human survival and develop. Not only as produce element, but also the carrier and spatial condition of activity, landuse has a basically stimulative or restrictive effect on economic development. Problems of land always be the comprehensive, basic and strategic problems, land security is the base and premise in the progress of new style urbanization, in which the keep growing of population and sustained development of economy burden land which leads to the contradictions between human and land become more and more obvious. Consequently, in the progress of urbanization, whether the landuse is reasonable is concerned with the sustainable use of areal land resource and long term development of social economy. Based on analyzing the progress of new style urbanization and the situation of landuse of Nanchang city in 1996-2010, this paper summarizes the landuse problems during this progress and then forecast the trends of landuse development till 2020, propose corresponding accesses to those problems so as to provide basis for the advisable landuse in this area, finally to achieve sustainable use of land resource and coordinated development of social economy.This paper researches on the backgrounds, aims and meanings, advances at home and aboard, situation of land resources and utilization, as well as the prediction of land supply and demand in progress of newly urbanization in Nanchang city. With the discussion and conclusion of the relating concepts and basic theories of urbanization and landuse, the paper analyzes the natural and social economic conditions and landuse situations. Based on the prediction of the landuse construction, distribution and developmental trends according to relative datas, the article mainly focused on analyzing the problems and causes existed in landuse, and proposed countermeasures and advices related to the problems happened in the progress of new style urbanization in Nanchang.The analysis of landuse condition from 1996 to 2010 in Nanchang shows that the mainly problems existed in the process of urbanization are the extreme contradict between land supply and demand, the defects in relative landuse policy, the slow speed in land consolidation, the drawbacks in land supervise policy, low level of intensive and economic landuse and so on. According to these problems, this paper proposed countermeasures and advices about exploring, innovating, and propeling the revolution of land examination and approval policy feasibly, advancing comprehensive consolidation of land in the rural area strongly, helping balancing town and country development, considering all factors and arrange the planning index in the new build land. To the end, this part concludes the points of innovation and deficiency, and something needs to be investigated further.

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