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Removal of Nitrite Nitrogen Using Biofilm-Electrode Process

Author SunZuoMing
Tutor DuMaoAn
School Harbin Institute of Technology
Course Municipal Engineering
Keywords Electrode biofilm law is Denitrification Nitrite nitrogen N ratio
CLC X703
Type Master's thesis
Year 2009
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Electrode biofilm is only in recent years developed a new water treatment technology , which combines the advantages of the biological and electrochemical methods can achieve clean , thorough and denitrification . Electrode biofilm has the advantages of low processing costs , high removal efficiency , easy to control . The experimental analysis of the continuous reactor and batch reactor nitrogen removal , the investigated operating mode , the C / N ratio, plus current and hydraulic retention time of the treatment effect of both BER process , initial grasp some of the basic laws of the electrode biofilm . First design the the simple BER reactor , and then the BER, and the intermittent run the BER continuous operation debug running and parameter optimization . Get the best of both running temperature and pH : a temperature of 30 ° C , pH = 7.0 to 7.5 . Next, experimental study C / N ratio on denitrification , in general , C / N faster the higher the ratio , the denitrification rate and denitrification the better . Batch reactor has a better C / N is high and low nitrogen removal , nitrite removal up to 93% . Continuous reactor nitrogen removal is reduced with the reduction of the C / N ratio , C / N = 0 denitrification worst effect , only 40% of the nitrite removal . Then , the experimental study of the impact of the current denitrification , the current role of denitrification , this effect is more obvious , especially in the C / N is relatively small , low C / N ratio conditions , continuous reactor by current greater impact . Article also remove nitrite dynamics model of intermittent BER reactor preliminary study , to get a reaction kinetic equation : of Ct = C0exp ( Kt ) ; experiments current intensity range is 23.7 mA ~ 63.2mA. The article also studies the different C / N ratio of the reaction rate constant K, different C / N ratio of a reaction kinetic equation . Finally , the article compares two different flow reactor type , relative to the continuous operation, intermittent operation can be better achieved a good nitrogen removal , the BER of a good run . Intermittent running under the optimal reaction conditions , the reactor nitrite nitrogen removal rate up to 93% , the effluent nitrite nitrogen concentration as low as 1.22 mg / L .

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