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Study on the Imported Frozen Flesh of Fruits Defrosting and the Juice Beverage Production Control Point

Author XuLin
Tutor DongMingSheng
School Nanjing Agricultural College
Course Food Engineering
Keywords Juice beverage HACCP The flesh of fruits Defrost Disinfect Remains on the PET bottle mouth
Type Master's thesis
Year 2006
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The juice beverage is a kind of soft beverage it develop and get up with fad aftercarbonic acid beverage and the tea beverage, the juice beverage increase 10% aboveoriginal juice and flesh of fruitses generally, the juice beverage enrich the eating with thefruit nourishment compositions, such as vitamin and cellulose...etc., near to original juice offruit, the function that also quench thirst. This text combines the production of the businessenterprise actual, carry on hazard analysis to the factor with the production process of juicebeverage with flesh (the orange juice beverage) rightness in the production line influencethe juice beverage quality, with "flesh of fruits defrosts the process" , "the condition ofdisinfects " and " the control of product remains on the PET bottle mouth " for the criticalcontrol point, made sure the best craft parameter, thus produce the juice beverage of thesuperior quality.Result of these experiments showed that:1.The flesh of fruits defrost: Pass to the test and study of the microorganism conditionof the raw material flesh of fruits with the flesh of fruits juice beverage, the microorganismvariety of the raw material flesh of fruits under -18℃refrigerations condition, thetemperature curv of raw material flesh of fruits of dissimilarity defrost conditional, thevariety of the microorganism condition of the defrost process and the sense of the rawmaterial flesh of fruits changes after defrost,express that when the the defrost condition is25℃\18 h, the the efficacy the is tallest, and the cost is most the province;2. Disinfect condition: Pass to the test and study of the product microorganismvariety of dissimilarity disinfects condition,product flesh of fruits content condition,Senseorgans condition,The heat preservation test condition of the product,and the product knotdirt condition, express that the defrost condition 98±1℃\27s is the most suitable andproper for enterprise;3.The control of product remains on the PET bottle mouth: According to the actualcircumstance of business enterprise, under condition of the existing equipments, through the experiment enunciation, be to the produce speed as 340 bottles/minutes~360 bottles/minutes, the flushes water pressure dint as the 2Kgs/cm~2~3Kgs/cm~2, the a flushesdint result is better, can effectively avoid the remains on the PET bottle mouth anderadicating completely the consumer complaint.

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