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The Microstrures and Propertieses of High Entropy FeCoNiCu System Alloys

Author LiJianZhong
Tutor ZhangZhi
School Henan Polytechnic University
Course Materials Processing Engineering
Keywords High - entropy alloys Structural phase Microstructure Performance
Type Master's thesis
Year 2009
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Studied a series of different components of the preparation , structure and properties of high entropy alloy including pentad , molar ratio FeCoNiCuTM ( TM is Al , Cr , of Ti, of Mn, Mo, ??and Zr , Nb, of Si, , Sn, ) , changing the Cu the content of FeCoNiCu_xAl the to change Cu , Mo of FeCoNiCu_xMo and FeCoNiCuMo_x . The prepared master alloys by arc melting and suction casting 5mm diameter alloy samples . Phase structure by X- ray diffraction analysis of the alloy , alloy microstructure using optical microscopy and scanning electron microscopy , and measured microhardness and compression performance . By thermal analysis method to study the thermal stability of the alloy . The study showed that the alloy phase structure of FeCoNiCuTM and microstructure with the added ingredient varies , but most of them can form a simple FCC ( or BCC) structure or a mixture of both structures . In this type of high - entropy alloy system , the type of structures formed largely atomic radius of the alloying element and heat of mixing has a very close relationship . FeCoNiCu_xAl high entropy alloy system easy simple FCC structure and BCC structure of the solid solution is formed , the Cu content is increased will promote the formation of the FCC solid solution . The Cu content of the impact of change on the hardness of the alloy . With the increase in the content of Cu , the hardness of the alloy is significantly reduced, the hardness depends mainly on the microstructure morphology and the content of the number of the BCC solid solution system . The phase of a simple structure of the FeCoNiCu_xMo , and FeCoNiCuMo_x of the solid solution of the BCC and the FCC performance for the first eutectic phases and eutectic phase coexist , the microstructure of the alloy , the alloys varies with the changes in the composition .

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