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Experiment Study and Calculation Model of the Thermal Conductivity of Carbon Black/Rubber Composite

Author LiHaiTao
Tutor MaLianXiang
School Qingdao University of Science and Technology
Course Thermal Power Engineering
Keywords Carbon black Rubber Composite material Thermal conductivity Calculation model
Type Master's thesis
Year 2009
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Thermal conductive ability of carbon black/rubber composite material played an important part in the process of using and producing. It is important to research thermal conductivity of carbon black/rubber composite material. In this paper the thermal conductivity of carbon/rubber composite material were studied by the experiment and theory methods.Based on the research teams experiment recipes, researched the carbon black N134, N234, N330, N375, N539 and N660, which have different diameters and structures effect thermal conductivity of carbon black/rubber composite. By the means of changing the carbon black volume fraction, designed 144 sorts of rubber recipes. By the method of the traditional roll mixture, got the tested samples. The composite thermal properties were measured by Nanoflash LFA447 laser thermal conductivity instrument. The measured temperature ranged from 30℃to 140℃.It is found from experiment date that the thermal conductivity of composite changed with carbons black which changed in shares, diameters and structures. Thermal conductivity of different kinds of carbon black/rubber composite increased with the carbon black volume fraction rising; The smaller the diameters of carbon black, the greater the effect thermal conductivity of carbon black/rubber composite with the same carbon black shares; In the same carbon black volume fraction, the higher structure is good for thermal conductivity of carbon black/rubber composite material.The composite’s microstructure of the material was associated with the macro properties. This paper by researching the test sample of low temperature broken, stretch broken and TG, got the micro-configuration and distributing situation of the carbon black article. The results showed that the carbon black article distributes evenly throughout fundamental entity and appear ellipsoid configuration. According to mentioned above, we can set up the thermal conductivity models and the thermal conductivity equations.During the study of the thermal conductivity models and the thermal conductivity equations, we cited the thermal-electricity similar, mixture rules and so on. Supposing that composite belongs to isotropy that the carbon article distributes evenly throughout. The temperature appears linear distribution; get the ellipsoid thermal conductivity theory model and the thermal conductivity equations. The thermal conductivity equation is regarded as:The ellipsoid thermal conductivity theory model compared with the Sphere model and experimental date. We got that in the range of carbon volume fraction the ellipsoid thermal conductivity theory model was similar to experiment value, when carbon volume fraction was higher, the Sphere model was far from the experiment value. The ellipsoid model was better fit the carbon black/rubber composite thermal conductivity rule than the sphere model.

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