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Synthetic Extraction and Polishing Process of Total Flavones and Procyanidins from Hawthorn Leaves

Author XieWeiGuang
Tutor ZhangLiMing
School Tianjin University of Science and Technology
Course Microbial and Biochemical Pharmacy
Keywords Hawthorn leaves Flavonoids Proanthocyanidins ZTC Ⅱ type clarifier Macroporous resin Extract IR
CLC TQ914.1
Type Master's thesis
Year 2008
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Hawthorn Rosaceae genus Shanlihong or hawthorn hawthorn dried ripe fruit. Main function is digestion stomach , qi stasis. In recent years, with hawthorn leaves to treat cardiovascular disease, more research . Its chemical composition is mainly terpenes and flavonoids are three major categories , especially flavonoids more research . This article from hawthorn leaves flavonoids and proanthocyanidins two aspects of the extraction and refining process of systematic study . Hawthorn leaves flavonoids on the water extraction process was explored . Through experiments to determine the optimum extraction conditions were : 1:20 , extraction time was 2h, extraction times is 2 . Using ZTC Ⅱ type of natural adsorption clarifying agent makes NaNO2-Al (NO3) 3 colorimetric determination of total flavonoids improved accuracy , error decreases , can eliminate tannin and flavonoid contents of polysaccharides on the interference with the quantitative determination of flavonoids content get better results and to avoid clogging of the resin . Use of macroporous resin extract of hawthorn leaves flavonoids purified , and resins were screened , the method is simple, the result is ideal. Adsorption - desorption preferably D-101 Resin adsorption - desorption conditions were studied to determine the optimum refining conditions were: 4.54-6.02 pH value of the liquid column ; the column velocity 3BV / h; the sample amount 4BV-5BV; sample concentration 1.25g / L; eluent of 60% ethyl alcohol; eluent flow rate of 2BV / h; as an eluent 1BV. Under these conditions , refined out of the flavonoid purity 89.1% , to meet the hawthorn leaves flavonoids as pharmaceutical bulk drugs must be greater than 80% purity requirements. Experiment optimized extraction conditions hawthorn leaf procyanidins determine the ethanol - water as a solvent when the optimum extraction conditions were: extraction concentration 70% , extraction time 60min, extraction temperature is 50 ℃, solid-liquid ratio of 1 : 6, extraction times of 1 second . Analysis of variance by orthogonal experiments to determine the temperature on hawthorn leaf extract proanthocyanidins have a significant effect . In this condition, the yield was 3.85% .

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