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Study on the Stability and Processing HACCP System of Corn Milk

Author JiangZuoLong
Tutor ZhaoMouMing;ZhouXueSong
School South China University of Technology
Course Food Engineering
Keywords Corn milk Stability Emulsifier HACCP system
CLC TS210.4
Type Master's thesis
Year 2011
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Corn milk is prepared by fresh corn as main raw material, After grinding, homogenizing, sterilizing process produced the new cereal beverage, It retains the corn nutrition, easy absorption into the body, the taste of fresh corn, much consumers favor.The properties of corn milk prepared by different varieties of corn were studied in this article, choosed a suitable raw material for corn milk; Infiuence stability factors of corn milk were analysised; confirmed the best formulation and production process; established HACCP system in the production of corn milk.Sweet waxy corn as raw material preparation of corn milk has good shape, storage stability,Frozen fresh sweet waxy corn is main material producted corn milk. Homogenization of corn milk ncludes two steps. Firstly, the first homogenization was performed at room temperature, homogenization pressure is 15MPa; the next homogenizati was performed on temperatureof 60℃, homogenization pressure 20MPa, achieved optimum homogenizing effect. Adding hydropHilic colloid optimum concentration: yellow gum 0.15%, sodium alginate 0.1%, modified starch 0.3%. The optimum adding amount of emulsifier was 0.15% ( monoglyceride:sucrose ester: = 3: 7). The properties of corn milk is affected by product’s PH, keeping the produc”s PH stability added right amount pHospHate, used sodium tripolypHospHate in this arcle, adding amount 0.04%.Combined with the actual production, identified corn milk CCP and CL value; established HACCP system in the production of corn milk. Drawed up HACCP work schedule, and the HACCP system in the application of verification of corn milk;and validated the application of the HACCP system in corn milk.after applicated the HACCP system, heavy metal content was effectively controlled; microbial indicators ( total bacterial count, mold) reached the product specifications, while escherichia coli and pathogen were not found to ensure the safety of the product, while retaining the product unique taste. After cleaning the package material, Health standards meets the requirements of the production, Finished microbial detection found that the effect the bag material sterilization was good . X - ray machine effectiveness using is CCP, its sensitivity was tested to ensure product safety,On HACCP system in the application of corn milk, for high quality corn milk production and development to provide safeguard.

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