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Aero-Dynamic Characteristics of Blade Airfoil for Horizontal Axis Wind Turbines

Author ChenYongKang
Tutor ZhuEnChun;SunZuo
School Harbin Institute of Technology
Course Structural Engineering
Keywords Horizontal axis wind turbine blades Computational Fluid Aerodynamic characteristics Flap Airfoil design
Type Master's thesis
Year 2009
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The horizontal axis wind turbine is currently the most effective wind power generation device , shorten the development cycle of the blade in order to improve the efficiency of the wind turbine , wind energy utilization system and suggest improvements airfoil aerodynamic characteristics of horizontal axis wind turbine blades structural measures . First, using computational fluid dynamics software -Fluent, the numerical simulation of a horizontal axis wind turbine airfoil , simulation results and experimental data were compared to identify the turbulence of the wind turbine simulation model . Followed by the more traditional horizontal axis wind turbine using NACA series airfoil numerical simulation , draw the aerodynamic characteristics of the airfoil , and the airfoil geometric parameters on the aerodynamic performance of airfoil add Gurney flap and then calculate angle flap lift and drag characteristics . The numerical results show that , add flaps , are able to improve the airfoil maximum lift coefficient and lift-to-drag ratio , Gurney flap lift effect to its height is closely related to the wind wing -type tail . Third, based on the factors affecting the aerodynamic characteristics of the wind turbine NACA74-315 airfoil modification , and the numerical simulation of prototype and four kinds of modified airfoil , the results show that the calculated angle of attack , wind speed , change type after lift-drag ratio are significantly improved, especially sharp trailing edge modified lift coefficient and lift-to-drag ratio maximum . The final text also highlights summarize momentum - blade element theory , this approach evolved on the basis of the momentum theory and blade element theory design method . Momentum - blade element theory during the exterior design of leaves and leaf aerodynamic characteristics are related to the interference factor This paper focuses on the interference factor in the design and calculation of case processing, and the introduction of tip correction factor to modify the model , so as to establish the blades aerodynamic performance computing model . Select NACA74-315 airfoil and sharp trailing edge modification both type and design blade shape and aerodynamic characteristics comparison drawn sharp trailing edge modified aerodynamic performance is superior to NACA74-315 airfoil conclusion.

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