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Comparative Analyses of Applicability and Economy Strengthening Withcfrp Bonded Steel Plate

Author JiangQi
Tutor ZuoNianGuan;XieWangLan
School Shanghai Jiaotong University
Course Structural Engineering
Keywords Carbon fiber Bonded steel Reinforcement Applicability Economy Comparative analysis
CLC TU746.3
Type Master's thesis
Year 2007
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Carbon fiber reinforcement method with bonded steel reinforcement method has been widely used in the field of engineering reinforcement, and the formation of a more mature reinforcement theory and technology for both reinforcement theory, applicability and economic comparison, domestic researchers rarely. First, this article on the subject of the research background, common reinforcement method of classification, characteristics, as well as domestic and foreign research status meticulous. Also clear the main content and key points of this research, a specific line of research. The second paper of the carbon fiber reinforced with bonded steel reinforcement method of conventional reinforcement theory is compared and found both flexural components to be reinforced, reinforced by oblique section of the bending member shear capacity large eccentric compression reinforced concrete columns reinforced calculation assumes that the parameter selection, bearing capacity formula, the same basic precautions. Third, we compare the applicability of carbon fiber reinforcement method with bonded steel reinforcement method, and the results showed that: during structural flexural strengthening of reinforced concrete shear strengthening, both of which have better applicability; However, some curves -shaped cross-section of the structure, the structure under the harsh environment under the action of the structure and dynamic loads, carbon fiber reinforcement method has significant advantages irreplaceable. Both flexural strengthening or shear reinforcement, the the reinforcement result of the structure corresponding bearing capacity has improved significantly, cracks carried out by a better constraint, the number, width and length of the cracks also have a significantly lower ; addition, the flexural strengthening reinforcement structure or specimen stiffness enhancements reduce deflection. Fourth, this article by listing the carbon fiber reinforcement method with sticky Steel Reinforcement the concrete reinforcement instances economy comparison. The results show that: reinforced flexural structures or components bonded steel reinforcement method has a better economy, the economic effect is significant; to reinforce some of the more complex and need prestressed structures, prestressed carbon fiber reinforced rule economy; curve-shaped cross-section, the harsh environment and dynamic loads, the carbon fiber reinforcement method is still the best option; under the same reinforcement conditions, of reinforced flexural structures or components, not using prestressed bonded steel The reinforcement method than prestressed bonded steel reinforcement Reinforcing economic; using the Prestressed the carbon fiber reinforcement method less using prestressed carbon fiber reinforcement method economy. More economical; shear strengthening of flexural members using carbon fiber reinforced normal section for large eccentric compression reinforcement, carbon fiber reinforcement method has a distinct advantage when the reinforcement member is less, but when the reinforcement project is large, bonded steel but more economical. Finally, the contents of this article are summarized and put forward the prospects that matures along with carbon fiber reinforcement method and stick Steel Reinforcement Research and Application of prestressed tension devices will become a new popular, which requires We still need to do a lot of research work.

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