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Numerical Simulation on Waterlogging and Flooding of the Four River and the Dongting Lake

Author LuShaoWei
Tutor WeiGuoYuan
School Yangtze River Scientific Research
Course Hydraulics and River Dynamics
Keywords Drainage simulation Two - dimensional flow model Caused by floods rate Four Rivers and Dongting Lake area A two-dimensional united calculation Floods relationship
Type Master's thesis
Year 2009
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Waterlogging occurs with high frequency , long duration , large losses , and Aioi accompanied with the floods . For a long time all over the floods in the study is limited to local experience and qualitative analysis . This thesis, numerical simulation of flow technology , combining farmland water conservancy science and engineering hydrology theory , drainage mathematical model to calculate submerged depth , causing waterlogging area caused floods rate , research outside the flood level change on drainage , and watershed drainage of flood control the impact of the situation . The model results provide the basis for the prediction and assessment of waterlogging , flood control and waterlogging planning and technical support . The thesis is divided into six chapters , each chapter is summarized as follows : The first chapter summarizes the features and research status waterlogging , pointed out the inadequacies of the drainage simulation study . Chapter II summarizes the numerical simulation of flow technology , the choice of the unstructured grid finite volume method to establish drainage model , and then take a two-dimensional linked operator , establish Flood mathematical model . Chapter simulated lake area drainage , calculated the submerged depth under different flood conditions and rainfall combination , causing waterlogging area , causing waterlogging rate study outside the flood level and drainage . Chapter IV using the the hydrology method of calculating the net Hunan Province, four water basin rain process , calculated using the average of elimination drainage flow . Chapter by a two-dimensional linking operator analog Xiang , Zi, Yuan , Li River drainage into Dongting Lake flood problem , the calculation of process of convergence export flow , four rivers and river flood bit , the flow field of the Dongting Lake water level study watershed drainage of flood control situation . Chapter VI concludes the paper , there are still problems in the analysis , and gives directions for further research in the future .

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