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Preliminary Study of Os02g0198200, Which Connected with Lateral Root Development and Tillering of Rice

Author WangFeng
Tutor ShaoMin
School Nanjing Agricultural College
Course Plant Pathology
Keywords Lateral root Tiller Calcium-binding EF hand-like protein Apex development
CLC S511
Type Master's thesis
Year 2010
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Apex development and lateral organs differentiation in higher Plants are definitely pivotal events in plant developmental biology, and also determine the morphological pattern of crops and economic plants.Rice is one of the most important food crop, and a model plant of the grass family for investigating apex development.Contrasted with the dicot Arabidopsis, rice has much uniqueness in its tissue and organ development proeess.Apex development is controlled by many factors as well as their interactions, such as genes of, plant hormones and environmental factors including temperature, light, abiotic stress etc.Calcium as a universal sceond messenger regulates a range of cellular and physiological processes in plants and animals.It is believed that changes in cytosolic Ca2+are sensed by a group of Ca2+-binding proteins including calmodulin, Ca2+-dependent protein kinase, Ca2+-binding proteins without EF-hand motifs and other EF-hand motif containing Ca2+-binding proteins.When we compared gene expression of hpal transgenic rice with its Initial plant,we found a Differentially expressed gene which is called Os02g0198200 Os02g0198200 encodes a Calcium-binding EF hand-like protein. We transformed this gene into rice R109,,and obtained the transgenic plants. We found that, in the seedling stage, the transgenic rices has no lateral roots, and has a large number of tillers, but when it grew up, lateral roots growth from some crown roots, and it lost almost all of its tillers, leaving the only stem. This indicates that,Os02g0198200 gene involved in genes regulation of rice’s apex development.Taking into account this gene involved in the regulation of lateral root development and tillering process at the same time,it is probably that it is associated with the regulation of plant hormone.This is the first time successfully transfer Os02g0198200 gene into rice, At the same time, this is the first time that the connection between the apex development of rice and Os02g0198200 was found.. This found has great significance for the Os02g0198200 gene function research and apex development mechanism of monocotyledons.

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