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On the perfection of the system of terror

Author ZhangQingZuo
Tutor HanChunZuo
School China University of Political Science
Course Constitutional and Administrative Law
Keywords Terrorism System Perfect
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Type Master's thesis
Year 2011
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With the ravages of terrorism and terrorist attacks occur frequently , countries around the world including China, have established the characteristics suited to their anti-terrorism work system , and in the fight against terrorism practice constantly improve and perfect . However, due to the late start of anti-terrorism institution-building , from the \The fundamental way to solve these problems is to establish a sound , suited to China's anti-terrorism work of the actual anti-terrorism work system . The so-called system, from management perspective is the state organs, enterprises and institutions of institutional settings , affiliation and rights into other aspects of the specific system and organizational system in general. Leading anti-terrorism regime , including anti-terrorism agency status , function, anti-terrorism body of work rights , responsibilities and tasks of other state organs and social forces with the rights and obligations of such content. I work from reality , combined with domestic and foreign experts and scholars research results, in order to counter-terrorism efforts as the objective rule of law , administrative organization from the perspective of law for the definition of terrorism , counter-terrorism regime in developed countries and the characteristics of the presence of anti-terrorism regime problems , etc., take custom analysis , comparative analysis , empirical analysis and other methods , in-depth , multi-level , theory and practice analysis, and put forward a sound system of a five-point anti-terrorism conceived in an attempt to further improve the working system of terrorism , counter-terrorism work to promote the rule of law , and to improve prevention and combating terrorist activities ability to provide reference. The main contents include : the first part , Introduction . Features a brief introduction to this article , explains the origin of anti-terrorism institutional research and thesis topics , subjects , literature review and writing background , purpose, purpose , meaning, innovation and so on. The second part of the analysis by defining research methods, research on the definition of terrorism . First studied the concept of terrorism . Describes the relevant international treaties , the United States , Russia and other countries, as well as Chinese scholars on the legal definition of terrorism perspective , presents the author accepted definition of terrorism , and further research to clarify the institutional problems of terrorism logical starting point . Two is to study the nature and characteristics of terrorism , for the study of how to establish a sound system of terror , in order to effectively prevent and combat terrorist activities provide a relatively stable theoretical starting point and platform . Third, our study identified terrorist organizations and judicial practice , for further study antiterrorist system provides the premise and foundation. Four is to analyze the necessity of improving our anti-terrorism regime . Describe the current situation facing our country is very severe and complicated the fight against terrorism , need to start from the system , further improve the anti-terrorism system to adapt to the current situation of severe and complicated struggle against terrorism needs . The third part, through a comparative analysis of methods , analysis, research in Russia , the U.S. anti-terrorist structure and characteristics . Russia and the United States as the world 's major powers , in order to effectively deal with a serious threat of terrorist attacks , they actively adjust the national anti-terrorism work system , perfect the mechanism of anti-terrorism work in preventing and combating terrorist activities and achieved some success. Also, because the two countries in land area, and the surrounding environment and other domestic factors and China have many similarities , analysis, research , drawing on the two countries in the anti-terrorism institutional characteristics, in order to further improve our system provides a useful counter-terrorism reference and learn from. The fourth part , combined with the actual work, through empirical analysis, research and analysis of the current system problems of terrorism . Are: First, the lack of a unified anti-terrorism law . Second, anti-terrorism institution-building should be improved, not conducive to concentrate on preventing and combating terrorist activities. Third, the various departments of the specific anti-terrorism responsibilities are not clear enough , resulting in anti-terrorism work can not be successfully carried out , is not conducive to the protection of civil rights . Fourth, the social forces involved in counter-terrorism work of functional vague position mechanism is not perfect, have not formed to mobilize all social forces to fight the war on terror as a whole together . Fifth, anti-terrorism emergency response mechanisms need to be further improved, adversely affect our ability to respond to emergencies and effects of terrorist incidents . By improving these issues must be addressed seriously anti-terrorism regime . The fifth part , presented to further improve China 's anti-terrorism regime envisaged . The general idea is to build a lead agency in terror as the core, led by a particular state organs , institutions and social forces of other countries to assist in anti-terrorism work system , increase efforts to prevent and combat terrorism , the dangers of terrorism against our country reduced to the minimum. Including the establishment of cross-sectoral work leading anti-terrorism agencies, clear job responsibilities ; clear direct implementation of the main anti-terror struggle , participating subjects and their responsibilities ; take the so-called \to form a \, to improve the effectiveness of counter-terrorism work to lay a solid foundation. The appendix is ​​a great inspiration to me , provide me with a lot of theories supporting references.

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