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Dynamics Modelling and (Adams) Simulation for Lunar Rover Based on Terramechanics

Author JiaoZhen
Tutor DengZongQuan
School Harbin Institute of Technology
Course Mechanical Design and Theory
Keywords Simulation Rover Terramechanics Dynamics Slip rate
CLC V476.3
Type Master's thesis
Year 2009
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Rover is to complete an important carrier of the lunar surface exploration. Complex elements of the lunar surface, the terrain is rugged, the Moon moves through the performance of the car has a harsh test. Lunar rover wheels are in direct contact with the regolith important component in the process of contact, interaction stress bodywork equipment not only provides a stable load support, complex terrain conditions, to provide advance drive traction, but also reflects the mechanical sensing feedback the exposure of the soil characteristics of lunar regolith, reflecting the different lunar environment terramechanics action principle is lunar rover driving performance of the lunar surface environment an important part of this paper, therefore different terrain and lunar rover sport flexible regolith state conditions terramechanics relevant theoretical and experimental studies related to the lunar rover across the barriers to ensure the smooth completion of exploration missions has important research value. In terramechanics sand - wheel effect in experimental basis, based on the traditional terramechanics established various terrain and high wheel slip ratio under simulated lunar soil mechanics relationship role model that can calculate the lunar surface in the whole wheel running wheel The basic body force. ADAMS dynamics simulation platform in order to expand the surface in contact with the flexible application environment, the subject of integration of the mechanical theory of lunar surface rover sports performance computing platform development: the use of ADAMS dynamics software as the underlying development platform independent development terramechanics calculation module , the establishment of six virtual prototype lunar rover and a variety of different lunar terrain simulation environment, and ultimately the ADAMS platform terramechanics dynamics co-simulation and experimental verification through ground sand validity of the simulation results, a good predictor of the the topography and the type of operating state of the wheel body effect relationships and movement trends. Topics of rock hard for the role of the relationship between exposure experimental analysis of the lunar rover rigid contact conditions of mechanical calculations predict completed a preliminary exploration work. To rover sports performance for a preliminary study, subjects rocker suspension structure for the six lunar rover prototype, based on the rugged lunar surface modeling conditions, the application of coordinate transformation and multi-body system dynamics basic theory, a flexible environment of the lunar surface The basic model of dynamic motion lunar rover, lunar surface environment for complex motion control and improved body structure provides some basis for further study. The experimental and simulation research topics rover wheels can be used as a flexible characteristics of lunar motion a new method for ground mechanics in the application under regolith, lunar rover mobile performance structural improvements and detector teleoperation platform development to expand research and development of a good road.

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