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Study on the Preparetion and Optical and Electrical Properties of Transparent Conductive Aluminium Doped Zinc Oxide Thin Films

Author WangYanPing
Tutor ChenZhenNing
School Harbin Institute of Technology
Course Chemical Engineering and Technology
Keywords Doping Sol - gel AZO thin films Optical and electrical properties
CLC TB383.2
Type Master's thesis
Year 2009
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Transparent conductive aluminum doped zinc oxide (AZO) film with the currently widely used because of their resistivity and the transmittance in the visible range of the fluorine-doped tin oxide (ITO) film is considerable, and in the stability of the hydrogen plasma was higher than ITO films, therefore , AZO transparent conductive film to replace the ITO film has become a hot spot of the current study . Ethylene glycol monomethyl ether as solvent , zinc acetate as the precursor , monoethanolamine as a stabilizer , aluminum chloride as a dopant , the sol - Gel Fa Tila system transparent conductive AZO thin films . AZO thin-film photovoltaic performance of process parameters on the sol concentration , the amount of Al-doped pretreatment temperature and annealing temperature . The results show that , when the sol concentration , Al3 doping amount , pretreatment temperature and the annealing temperature was 0.5 mol / L , 1.2 % , 400 ° C and 550 ℃ AZO film obtained better performance , its surface resistivity was 8.0 x 103 ? / □, the visible light transmittance higher than 85%. X -ray diffraction instrument (XRD), scanning electric microscopy (SEM) , atomic force microscopy (AFM) , four-probe tester and UV - visible absorption spectroscopy ( UV - VIS ) and other means of testing the film micro- structure and surface resistance and optical transmittance were characterized . The experimental results show that the obtained AZO film with (002) preferential orientation of the hexagonal structure AZO film surfaces smooth dense , uniform grain particle size of approximately 40nm . The sol concentration reduced from 0.25mol / L increased to 1 mol / L , when A13 doping amount increased from 0.5% to 1.5% , the surface resistance of the AZO films presented with the sol concentration and A13 doping of the amount of the raise increasing trend , AZO film surface when the sol concentration of 0.5mol / L, A13 doping amount of 1.2% , the lowest resistance ; when the pretreatment temperature from 200 ℃ was increased to 400 ° C , the annealing temperature is increased to 550 ° C from 450 ℃ , with the pre- the treatment temperature and the annealing temperature increased , the surface resistance of the AZO thin films render decreased ; AZO thin films in the visible region , the transmittance decreases with the increase in the concentration of the sol , with the A13 doping amount of the annealing temperature and the improvement is increased , while pretreatment temperature on the AZO film a transmittance in the visible region has little effect.

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