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Research on the Vibration and Noise Control in the Vehicle Based on Periodic Structure Damping

Author ZhangSanQiang
Tutor ShiTieLin;ChenYuan
School Hubei University of Technology
Course Measuring Technology and Instruments
Keywords NVH Damp Periodic structure Bandgap
Type Master's thesis
Year 2009
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With the rapid social and economic development, people's living standards improve, the focus on driving performance, while ride comfort is increasingly of concern for people . Automotive NVH ( noise, vibration and comfort ) performance as a measure of ride comfort is an important indicator , has been increasingly valued by customers and car manufacturers . For most automobile manufacturers, due to vehicle comfort Feedback lag, vehicle vibration and noise reduction , many links arranged in the body design is complete . Without changing the vehicle design and production processes in the case , looking for a quick , low vibration and noise reduction program to become the manufacturers focus of the work vehicle vibration and noise reduction . In this paper, the vehicle body vibration radiated noise to an automobile factory in a car as the test object , the method for damping vibration and noise damping material damping structure of the application site and exploratory research . First, combined with interior noise generation mechanism , the use of spectrum analysis techniques interior noise analysis and diagnosis of the sound source to determine the interior noise characteristics and sources ; while using modal analysis technology research body vibration conditions, clear specific parts of the body vibration , noise and vibration reduction for the vehicle provides an important foundation. Second, the phonon band gap structure underlying theoretical model and noise damping mechanism are combined to establish a periodic damping structure model , and its performance is analyzed theoretically . FRF through the vibration transmission testing, validation, periodic vibration damping sheet structure characteristic and advantage for body vibration provides an effective way . The modal analysis and research results in damping vibration and noise reduction test model study, carried out with the vehicle interior noise comparison test noise reduction measures transplant trials , the evaluation of the effect is good. Article on the use of theory to guide research methods , experimental proof way to build on a set of test vehicle noise and vibration analysis method to construct periodic damping damping of this new structure , an effective solution to reduce the damping models vibration noise reduction applied problems in the process , and achieved good effect vibration and noise reduction , as well as periodic damped structures in the field of applied research foundation.

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