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Soil Fertility Analysis and Heavy Metal Content Evaluation in Shangluo Traditional Chinese Medicine Base

Author ZhangXiangDong
Tutor DiBingNian
School Northwest University of Science and Technology
Course Soil
Keywords Shangluo Traditional Chinese medicine base Soil fertility levels Heavy metal environmental quality Evaluate
CLC S158.2
Type Master's thesis
Year 2009
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Soil is the foundation of Chinese herbal growth and places, and the pros and cons of their quality directly affect the yield and quality of Chinese herbal medicines. In this study, by soil physical and chemical properties of the of Shangluo main planting base, trace elements, heavy metals testing, in accordance with relevant standards, taken univariate analysis Nemerow integrated index soil fertility status and the level of heavy metal content in traditional Chinese medicine base of Shangluo analysis and evaluation, the following main conclusions. A planting base of Shangluo soil pH suitable no strong acid and strong alkaline soil, average soil pH 7.24, neutral, 変 ranging between 6.6 to 7.6, to help Chinese herbal growth; soil texture evaluation good, but for heavy clay soil base is still necessary texture improved; cation exchange capacity and more in a fine, a small number of the cation exchange capacity, poor attention should be paid to be enhanced through the application of organic fertilizer and other measures. 2 Shangluo in planting area soil phosphorus, available potassium rich in grade Ⅰ total number of samples 62.5%; mainly yellow brown, damp soil, cinnamon soil in three soil types; However, soil organic matter, nitrogen there is a certain lack of organic matter in the class III soil samples of the total 46.88% of the soil samples, cinnamon soil proportion of the total soil samples of 15.63%; total nitrogen in class III soil samples of the total soil samples 46.88 % Chao Soil and Cinnamon Ⅲ grade, respectively, 15.63% of the total sample, 15.63%. Judging from the level of alkaline hydrolysis nitrogen Ⅰ grade in the class III 19 bases, 59.37% of the total number of samples, purple soil, cinnamon soil were grade Ⅲ, respectively, accounting for 9.38% of the soil samples, 21.88%. Shangluo in planting soil trace elements in the region is rich in traditional Chinese medicine base soil grading standards based on the country of trace elements, manganese grade Ⅱ, 71.87% of the total number of samples; effective Zn in grade Ⅰ or Ⅱ of the total number of samples, 96.88%, including cinnamon soil were grade Ⅰ; effective copper grade Ⅱ only two soil samples in soil, the rest are grade Ⅰ; effective iron are in grade Ⅰ or Ⅱ soil, especially cinnamon soil the grade Ⅰ more for 18.75% of the total number of samples, yellow brown soil Ⅱ level more, 28.13% of the total number of samples. 4 using the modified Nemerow composite index method for fertility evaluation, soil fertility quality of traditional Chinese medicine base of Shangluo City fertile as a general condition, is not to reach fertile or very fertile. 5. Determination of heavy metal content in traditional Chinese medicine base of Shangluo analysis, soil environmental quality standards for the evaluation based on the results, good soil environmental quality of the production base, the measured value of each element to maintain a normal range, in particular, in addition to the soil mercury 56.25% of the total number of samples of base soil samples just below two standard Chinese herbal medicine planting requirements, the remaining 43.75% of the soil samples mercury content, as well as all the soil samples cadmium, arsenic, lead, chromium soil environmental background values ??were lower than herbal medicine production quality management practice (GAP) Implementation Guide \6 Nemerow integrated index comprehensive evaluation of soil heavy metals, Shangluo planting base Nemerow composite index was less than 0.7, the planting base soil environmental quality level for a clean, safe and in line with GAP None the requirements of the pollution of traditional Chinese medicine production base, which is consistent with herbal cultivation areas in Shangluo City, the industry developed, relatively few industrial \This study objectively reflect the soil fertility of Shangluo major traditional Chinese medicine base level and heavy metal environmental quality status. Research results to ensure that the yield and quality of Chinese herbal medicines in Shangluo region, promoting the production of herbal medicines safety to further promote the development of the local and the whole Chinese herbal medicine industry in Shaanxi Province, has important theoretical significance and practical value.

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