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Vocational School Design and implementation of information exchange platform

Author LuHuaQing
Tutor YangYiKang;WangRongZhi
School University of Electronic Science and Technology
Course Software Engineering
Keywords Information Exchange Platform Information Silos Web Services Heterogeneous Data Exchange
CLC TP311.52
Type Master's thesis
Year 2011
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With the rapid development of vocational education in our country, more and more vocational school strat to purchase or development a large number of business subsystems, It reduces the costs and increase the efficiency of work to some extent,but ,it far away from enough, the teachers and students has produced a variety of personalized digital resources, including some advantages of the various disciplines or research base in the accumulation of digital resources, Typically, each department each have its own system, and each system has its own independent data, in fact, the data in these systems more or less a definite link, which resulted in data redundancy and Information, isolation, makes a lot of information is repeated entry, increased workload, not to achieve data sharing between departments. The emergence of information exchange platform to solve the problems mentioned above, each vocational colleges and departments can be achieved the information exchange and share the data through information exhange platform.The Paper first analyses the main problems in the information utilizing of the vocational school office system based on the development of vocational education in lagre Chinese cities,separated teaching information,lacking uniform management,lacking criterion,information islands phenomenon,bad coordination and relation between application system sand so on. According to this problems,it brings forward the theory of establishing the vocational school information sharing and exchange platform to coordinate the teaching application systems effectively and realize the information sharing and exchange adequately to some extent.Then it gives a user analysis,user information demand analysis,function demand analysis and the content of the information exchange platofrm. It then puts forward the sturcutre of this platform in light of stuats and the function of the information exchange platform in the office system and the demands of different clients.At the same time,it dwells up on the logical framework,physical framework and interface sturcutre of the platform.In the process of information analysis,storage and processing is the key to the information exchange platform construction and it is the precondition and guarantee of teaching office information can be shared and utilizing.The paper puts forward the information storing system that information are stored separated in physics but centralized in logic,and then it givespParticular design. In particular,it comes up with a detailed design of the information collection,information exchnage,information processing and information integrating. However , information exchange is always the crucial tache in the information processing,which is deemed as a crucial part of the platform. Based on the analysis of the data exchange types and the development of the XML,the paper puts forward that take the XML as the data exchange technology to accomplish the information exchange between the mainstream relation datbaases,and then it gives a data exchange project based on XML,to solve the data exchange problems between different platforms and heterogeneous data.The structure of the information platform discussed in the paper provides a whole framework to the vocational school teaching information platform,and provides powerful data background sustainment and provides a solution to the problems cuased by disintegrated office application systems in Chinese vocational school.The information storage conception distributes the office information reasonably,enables the centralization and sharing of information .The XML-based information exchange device makes it possible to exchange information between heterogeneous data,offering a more suitable approach to information exchange between the platform and the systems and between different systems. By introudceing a special software component known as“adapter”,the Problmes of data collection and deliver are solved with respect to the complexity and the changeability of business data. Meanwhile, in order to conveniently exchange data among platoform, other management systems and sites,a middle dadabase is designed to preserve original data and log information.The platform has good versatility and maintainability, information sharing and exchange can reduce the complexity of the realization process, help solve the secondary vocational schools in the digital campus "information island" problem.

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