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Analysis of Transitivity System of English Advertisements

Author LiuDan
Tutor LiuZuo
School Southwestern University of Finance and Economics
Course Foreign Linguistics and Applied Linguistics
Keywords English Advertising Systemic Functional Grammar Transitivity
CLC H315
Type Master's thesis
Year 2009
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With the further application of Halliday's systemic functional grammar in all areas of society, the purpose of the system functionality discourse analysis from mere description and deconstruction further deepen social impacts. Systemic Functional Grammar theory defined transitivity is a function of language experience embodied in the semantic level semantic system, expressed happening in the real world. Them in our real life, the economic and commercial development and globalization driving the world to become a giant market of commodity trading. People living in them, every day, by the impact of the various types of business information. As a kind of commercial information, advertising in the globalized market plays an increasingly important role: it not only from time to time mapping and leading the trend of social and aesthetic impact of the choice of the people in economic life, and products from entering the market mechanism as a part of the most prominent. In short, the ad indispensable in our lives plays the role of the social, economic, and market. Role play these roles, you must mention advertising as the task of the exchange of messenger. Advertising is an indispensable part of modern society, the mass media, to convey a wide range of market information between the buyer and the seller. Advertising English is one of the modern English, described the phenomenon in the field of market information exchange and events. Theoretical point of departure systemic functional grammar, transitivity system of English Advertising, that type of discourse in the process, participants and environmental factors discussed how the, interpreted language experience function by transitivity system in English Advertising the language of the decision, describing the advertising the English Discourse experience function characteristics can be realized. The papers to Halliday's transitivity theory as the theoretical framework, example of analysis based on the status of the system and physical properties of each component in the English Advertising, probability of occurrence, and an article layout English Advertising play important role. English Advertising transitivity research has important theoretical significance. Transitivity theory to advertising the English discourse analysis, embodies the concept of the function of the system function syntax, highlighting the representation of English Advertising transitivity theory the operability and application in the field of advertising, but also verify the universality . Ubiquitous in modern society in the advertising, the advertising English transitivity interpretation for the readers of the advertising discourse, advertising creation more attractive advertising discourse provides a new perspective, has a certain practical significance. Full-text containing a total of five chapters. The first chapter introduces the research motivation, purpose, research methods and the overall layout of the paper; second chapter reviews a series of studies carried out by the previous ad; Chapter elaborate the theoretical framework of the article, an overview of the system functional grammar functional perspective, Halliday three Metafunction described the main points of the physical theory as a basis for analysis; Chapter examples based system elaborated and physical properties of each component in English Advertising the important role played by the probability of occurrence, and the rules and layout of English Advertising. The fifth chapter summarizes the full text contents of the inadequacies of the article and made its recommendations for future research.

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