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Pioneer Yu Hua

Author ZhangZuo
Tutor ChenZiPing
School Suzhou University
Course Contemporary Chinese Literature
Keywords Yu Hua Pioneer Exist Humanity Narrative
CLC I207.42
Type Master's thesis
Year 2009
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Yu Hua's novels pioneer vulgarity subvert the traditional novel narrative mode, as a contemporary classic writers in the 1980s, is considered a pioneer in the most promising writers. Yu Hua's novel from the spirit of this article to start writing practice, deconstruction Yu Hua to create the pinnacle of the world pioneers. Resulting in the first chapter to explore the root causes of Yu Hua's unique creation mode. His special feelings and life experiences and individual accumulation, either directly or indirectly influenced his later work, so that Yu Hua's text presents a distinctive specific quality. Works more or less left traces of psychoanalysis, writers can analyze the most closed and mystery of human nature lies. And from the perspective of impact and acceptance influenced by the works by other writers. Young experiences, home occupation, constitutes a cumulative reading pioneer creative triangle Yu Hua, Yu Hua creation is often the starting point back, tell us what gave birth to the pioneer, created the vanguard of the road. Chapter Yu Hua confirmed belong pioneer. First explain what is the vanguard of literary qualities, Yu Hua whether they have pioneer quality, so pioneer spirit back, back to the existence of doubts and torture, the fate of the human spirit back to the integrity of care, and that this is a pioneer nature real maintenance. Yu Hua reason for the pioneer, because he was concerned about the heart but to criticize a pioneer for the blog writer, he subverts the traditional, classic structure, challenge authority, whether it is the grand narrative, scientific rationality, or secular folk truth OK, are being questioned. Yu Hua requires hostile reality view of the world with compassion, convinced that living in the real world wider than our attitude. Chapter III study of human existence as the main problem, \Human society has created for himself legalized system, people are constantly looking at nothingness \were questioned and criticized, the work presented in the loss of human spirit and human rationality questioned, completely remove the human significance. Chapter IV combines text examples, analysis of Yu Hua and core creative motif, showing Yu Hua pen filled with dark, suffering, evil humanity, violence, death, the fate of the existence of the world, to show the state of distress in life, to achieve the present writer Concerned about the plight of thinking and exploration of human nature, the human spirit continues to demonstrate the rationality and human loss and questioning, combined with work analysis reflects the creative qualities Yu Hua pioneering spirit. Chapter Narrative Art Yu Hua reflect unique text effects, to make the language rises to the level of philosophy and aesthetics. Pioneer's narrative strategy for its analysis through multidimensional narrative sequence, repeat the cycle, effective control of the narrative from the person, multi-dimensional perspective, irony and absurdity, etc., explained Yu Hua made an inclusive exclusion of conventional narrative transcendental world, but clearly point to the psychological, historical, cultural authenticity and the implication of the text of the novel is particularly abundant.

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