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A Study on the Theme of the Loneliness in Katherine Mansfield’s Short Stories

Author LuoYao
Tutor ZhangShaoQuan
School Jiangxi Normal University
Course English Language and Literature
Keywords Loneliness Lonely type Subjective projection Modernist approach
Type Master's thesis
Year 2009
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Katherine Mansfield (Katherine Mansfield ,1888-1923) is known for its creative short stories writer, DH Lawrence, Virginia Woolf, TS Eliot, James Joyce and other modernist writers have their unique artistic sensibility and works expressed admiration, many commentators agree \Islamic and Mansfield, novels and short stories is very different from before her work continually implementation and use of skills creation and innovation, a strong impetus to the development of the modern short story in the United Kingdom, the charm of the work literary critic who has always attracted dedicated to explore. In Mansfield novels, almost all of the characters who with a striking sense of loneliness, like a spiritual label. Loneliness theme of his work, in fact, living in the early 20th century, the social reality and human psychological reality of the rapidly changing and turbulent personal life life experiences with a settled way of life under the influence of life emotional subjective projection. Mansfield her loneliness penetrate into the soul of the characters in the novel, examine and reflect on the situation of the various hero, passing a strong sense of loneliness, loneliness is her real emotional experience, but also her explore human survival dilemmas and spiritual home special artistic perspective. Thesis not only in the local social and historical criticism and American psychologist Erich Fromm about human loneliness \start research in the social and cultural context, on the basis of the text interpretation read, combined with the author's diaries, letters and biographies, analysis of Katherine Mansfield theme of loneliness is actually writers throughout the life inside and outside the state subjective projection of this proposition. The thesis is divided into the main chapters. The first chapter introduces Mansfield's life, works, literary achievements at home and abroad, especially talking about their present situation and problems of loneliness theme in the works, that lonely thematic studies is still a lack of systematic and combined with social less analysis of the cultural context of internal and external state of life, and therefore worthy of further exploration. Mansfield 46 short arguments to analyze the novels of loneliness, from the relationship between people, people and society, man and nature, man and self-regard. Chapter undertake the previous chapter discussed, Mansfield loneliness from the four aspects of research, and thus pointed out that the loneliness theme of the novel is actually a subjective projection of writers throughout the life inside and outside the state. Chapter IV as the finish, to discuss the work of Mansfield use of stream of consciousness, interior monologue and symbolism modernist practices show the theme of loneliness.

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