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Wu Mi and Chinese Comparative Literature

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Year 2009
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Wu Mi Shaanxi Jingyang, born off family. Accept the influence of the family and the accumulation of Guan Xue traditional culture, and integrate it into your own life body awareness. Harvard University in the United States, Wu Mi accepted the New Humanism thought, Babbitt Confucian culture certainly make him more determined beliefs of traditional culture. Since the Eastern and Western cultures have their own advantages, it can be compared with each other to seek the essence be absorbed, or re-interpretation of traditional Chinese culture with Western theory. Wu Mi determined to foreign comparative literature knowledge back to China, the Chinese fight the \Cast Chinese and Western cultures essence of \Wu Mi pioneered the development of modern Chinese Comparative Literature Research and Comparative Literature regime to establish a systematic standardized as a pioneer and a pioneer of the Chinese Comparative Literature, has made important contributions. Wu Mi's works of poetry, poetics, theory of the novel, drama concept and diary contains a wealth of Comparative Literature; reflects his creative Critical Review \fusion of Chinese and Western Comparative Literature; Comparative Literature He also spread through education, has made an indelible contribution to this series of measures for the establishment of the Chinese Comparative Literature. This paper is divided into three parts, the first part is an introduction, Research introduces Wu Mi, research shortcomings, the main content of the topics of the theoretical value of the research. Body part, the second part article discusses general Wu Mi and Comparative Literature relations. The first chapter is the concept of comparative literature and practice of Wu Mi, is divided into two. Section 1 discusses the history of the Chinese Comparative Literature. Section II is divided into five sections, the first section focuses on Chinese and Western cultural compatible cultured with Wu Mi Comparative Literature concept formed the basis. Traditional Confucian cultural beliefs and acceptance of a new humanism Babbitt Wu Mi Wu Mi form a unique concept of comparative literature. Section II discusses the Poetics Wu Mi Comparative Perspective. Own poetic development orientation the \view that poetry should be taken to a \. Western literary theory to explain the \Wang Guowei, once with tragic philosophy of Schopenhauer's interpretation of \However, with the Chinese and Western novel contrast method to study the \A comparative study of the ancient and modern large number of novel \Section IV discusses the Wu Mi dramatic view of the Comparative Literature. Wu Mi personally created \Wu Mi compare Chinese and Western drama, and drama should re-imagine and spirit unique insights. Section V discusses the Comparative Literature of Wu Mi translate concept and translated. In addition, in of Wu Mi poetry and diary also contains a lot of Comparative Literature, he is always with broad horizons comparison of Chinese and Western cultures, this phase is commendable for the extreme attitude towards Eastern and Western cultures for contemporary scholars . The second is the establishment of Wu Mi and Comparative Literature, is divided into two. The first section discusses Wu Mi publicity Comparative Literature thinking by way of communication and education. In order to better dissemination of Comparative Literature, Wu Mi their colleagues founded the \After returning from abroad, Wu Mi lifetime of effort dedicated to the cause of education, he worked in Southeast University, Tsinghua University, Sichuan University and many other colleges and universities to teach, \his the long opened three courses in these universities. \Section II discusses Wu Mi, the eventual establishment of the system of Chinese Comparative Literature. In order to establish the the Comparative Literature regime systematic standardization, Wu Mi taken to develop the training program, inviting the teacher and set courses and other measures, and the eventual establishment of the Comparative Literature disciplines specification, and trained a large number of personnel proficient in Chinese and Western cultures. Wu Mi and comparative literature, however, although many articles have involved, but mostly stays on the surface of the narrative, a lot of comparative literature writings and Wu Mi comparative literary disciplines formed contribution is not a sum with over is simply not mentioning Wu Mi systematically combing discusses the pioneering role of the establishment of the Chinese Comparative Literature is very important for understanding the ideological and cultural outlook of Wu Mi teaching. Comparative Literature in China, Wu Mi for research, systematically combed Wu Mi, a large number of books and newspapers and magazines that do extract Wu Mi fusion of Chinese and Western Comparative Literature. And discussed based on Wu Mi taken a series of measures for the establishment of the Chinese Comparative Literature system and its tremendous significance on future generations, strengthening the depth of Wu Mi research efforts.

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