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Attached outside skeleton hand rehabilitation robot design and analysis

Author LiLiangJing
Tutor WangJiRong
School Qingdao University
Course Mechanical and Electronic Engineering
Keywords Exoskeleton Manipulator Finite element Rehabilitation robot
Type Master's thesis
Year 2011
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Rehabilitation engineering is a new important branch of Biomedical Engineering. Using exoskeleton robot in rehabilitation medicine is an important research branch of rehabilitation engineering in recent years. Exoskeleton manipulator system is an integral part of rehabilitation robot exoskeleton. The design is based on various sports characteristics of manpower. By wearing it on the hands that lost physiological function or on the hands of patients with disorders, it can assist patients to complete a variety of action that difficult to be completed.This paper was researched that the exoskeleton manipulator system was designed a hand to help patients grabbing a glass with full water. This design was referenced variety of robotic exoskeletons and rehabilitation medicine theories in the past. Research on exoskeleton manipulator system be used in rehabilitation medicine was mainly helped patients to complete the hand movements in the past, such as opening hand and gripping hand. These researches can be exercised hand muscles to achieve the purpose of rehabilitation. The paper was added an action of grabbing a cup in the design so that the exoskeleton manipulator system not only can be helped patients restore physiological function in the hand muscles but also can be helped patients to complete everyday actions. The paper was mainly completed the following aspects:Firstly, the design of the mechanical structure of the exoskeleton manipulator system was completed based on Pro-E. And the sizes of exoskeleton manipulator system were optimized so that the objective of help patients can grab a cup and the real size of hand.Secondly, air cylinder was chosen as the main driven of the manipulator, which breaking the dependence on artificial muscles driven and motor driven of the manipulator.Thirdly, the movement of exoskeleton manipulator system was kinematics analyzed. For the purpose of designing to grip cup by robot exoskeleton, we conduct of forward and reverse on the robot position and orientation, to get the pose of Cylinder push rod and the mechanical hand terminal by a series of pose matrix equations. Synthesis for main dimension is provided for finger-type robot.Finally, the important parts was analyzed stress and deformation based on the finite element analysis using Ansys soft. By the result was analyzed that the manufacture of materials and mechanical structure of exoskeleton robot meet the design requirements.

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