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The Follow-up Investigation and Research on the Physical Education in Special School Educationin Jiangsu Province

Author ZhuWeiDong
Tutor ZuoChongZuo
School Suzhou University
Course Physical Education and Training
Keywords Jiangsu Province Special education schools Physical Education Follow-up survey Countermeasure
CLC G807.4
Type Master's thesis
Year 2009
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Since the reform and opening up, China's disabled sports development especially the remarkable achievements of the development of Sports for the Disabled, by contrast, the lack of attention to education reform and development of China's special education school sports. An important part of the education of physical education is a special education school for students, but also an important means to have an important role to promote the physical and mental development of the students in special education schools. Use of literature, questionnaires, interviews, surveys, site visits, mathematical statistics, comparative analysis and case analysis, research methods, in 2003, 2009, twice of Jiangsu Province, a special education school physical education research, and proposed the corresponding Development Strategies, aims to grasp the the dynamic current situation of Jiangsu Province, a special education school physical education work, promote physical education deepening reform and rapid development, and promote the comprehensive growth of a special education school students. The results show that: Jiangsu Province (1) special education school female physical education teachers, an increase in the number of young teachers, to increase the percentage of bachelor's degree, the title structure more reasonable than six years ago; sports teaching and research activities tended to decrease, one-third of the teachers nearly six papers; vast majority of teachers love their jobs, but the satisfaction of economic income is not high, some teachers lack confidence in career prospects; teachers' workload is too large, the sign language mastery level need to be further improved. (2), Jiangsu Province, special education schools, the vast majority of students believe that physical education is necessary, a higher level of awareness of the importance of physical education, but not comprehensive understanding of the function of Physical Education; basketball, table tennis, badminton, athletics, student like; students like PE motivation to stay in the general sports fitness awareness; most schools physical education 2 hours a week, less than the national standard; students hope teachers of students' physical education learning outcomes overall satisfaction; \Special education schools, (3), Jiangsu Province existing antiquated the Sports syllabus and teaching materials, practical, rehabilitation is not strong, it is difficult to adapt to the rapid development of today's special school physical education; 40% of the schools still borrow ordinary school textbooks Some schools use their own teaching materials to reflect the current of a special education school physical education has significantly lagged behind the development of physical education in ordinary schools, has become a top priority for the development and preparation of the new syllabus of sports and all kinds of sports textbooks; special education schools in Jiangsu Province sports teaching content generally choose basketball, table tennis, badminton, athletics, running and jumping as well as simple-shaped gymnastics; sports theory lessons generally opened inadequate; there is not much difference in teaching methods used in PE lessons; teaching is mainly in the form of collective teaching, group teaching and individualized instruction; nearly half of the students like physical education teachers means of psychological health education activities according to their own preferences; encourage more, more recognition, increase students' self-confidence, attention to individual differences and focus on training, the majority of teachers team spirit; sports teaching quality and the actual effect of the students so that students more satisfactory; affect special education school physical education teaching effect, mainly due to backward textbooks, school grounds, lack of equipment, and less funding, followed by a shortage of qualified teachers, superiors do not attach importance to and so on. (4) of Jiangsu Province, special education schools, sports facilities condition although improved, but the funds invested in sport generally less, about 20 percent of the school year the funds of less than $ 500, (5) special education schools are usually a week for 2 times extracurricular sports activities, another open project interest group, 1-2 times weekly activities; Some students do not want to participate in extra-curricular sports activities the main reason is not the time, sports venues, equipment, mobility, such as fear of injury; big most PE teachers to guide school sports teams (staff) training students willing to participate in training and competition; portion of special education schools for the provincial and national transport disabled athletes, Qi Shun Fei Yong Paralympic champion, but the province fewer the municipal special education school sports competitions, early detection and culture is not conducive to a special sporting talent. (6) The vast majority of the special education school leaders on the importance of sports work have a deep understanding that physical education for special teaching students grow and develop is helpful, but not in place on the financial support; vast majority of leaders believe funding sports facilities, the attention of the competent departments, faculty are main factors to affect the development of physical education in special education schools; than harmonious relationship between the leaders of the school physical education teacher, regular exchange and communication, physical education teachers in the awards appraised, promoted titles , benefits and other aspects of care is not enough, there is still inequality compared with other subject teachers, physical education teachers work enthusiasm dampened to some extent. Development Strategies: (1) to establish and improve the special education laws and regulations, strengthen supervision mechanisms; (2) to build a special education school physical education curriculum system, the implementation of the physical education curriculum reform; (3) to speed up the preparation of special education school sports materials; (4 ) Strengthening Physical Education Teachers in special education schools, strengthen training; (5) carry out research on special education school physical education, students with disabilities to physiological and psychological characteristics, abilities; (6) to increase the funding, and gradually improve special education schools Sports material conditions, efforts to improve the treatment of physical education teachers; (7) to increase publicity and coverage for special sports, seeking the attention and support of the whole society; (8) emphasis on the research and development of special sports equipment; (9) to organize disability people all kinds of competitions, and train outstanding disabled athletes.

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