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Guiding the Network Culture Building with the Socialist Nucleus Value System

Author SunJinTao
Tutor ZhangZuo
School Hebei Normal
Course Marxist Theory and Ideological and Political Education
Keywords nucleus value system network culture building harmonious culture guide
CLC G206
Type Master's thesis
Year 2009
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On Oct. 11, 2006, the report of the sixth Plenary Session of the 16th Communist Party of China Central Committee put forward the proposal“the socialist nucleus value system is the fundament in building harmonious culture”. Building“the socialist nucleus value system”is both the needs of promoting the socialist cause with Chinese characteristics and building harmonious culture. Especially, it pointed the direction of the culture building of our country.In building the socialist harmonious culture of our country, a kind of new cultural form appeared------network culture. At the same time, it brought about a new opportunity for our cultural building and, of course, some new problems and challenge. Network culture, which is a kind of information culture with its own characteristics, is formed along with the development of science and technology and use of computers. It has broken the traditional culture frame, changed the life style of human beings. Network culture is a cultural form different from traditional culture with its own information characteristics. Its characteristics are: open, moveable, diverse, and interactive. In addition, rapid spreading, wide influence and strong permeability are also significant features of network culture. Network culture of China has a distinctive Chinese characteristic. On the other hand, it also has the characteristics of cultural integration with the West, which influences our network culture greatly on the network technology, culture and other aspects.These features of network culture brought about some problems in the development of our network culture-----weakening the moral sense of Internet users; increasing the social risk of culture; initiating cultural hegemony and its negative information is damaging the national stability and unity. To make it play its active role in building a socialist harmonious culture which has important practical significance, we must correctly guide the development of network culture.In the process of network culture development, there are many problems in existence. How to fully play its active role in reducing or eliminating its adverse effects? We need to use correct and scientific theories as a guide. And the socialist nucleus value system is the best choice at the current stage in our country. As a guide, the socialist nucleus value system promotes the healthy development of network culture against its problems. To ensure the socialist nature of China’s network culture, we must highlight the guiding position of Marxism in the building of network culture. To ensure our network culture developing in the right direction, we must highlight the theme of status of the common ideal of socialism with Chinese characteristics. To promote the deepening the function of China’s network culture, we must highlight the nucleus position of patriotism as core of the national spirit and reform and innovation as core of the spirit of the times. To form right public opinion of China’s network culture, we must highlight the basic position of the socialist concept of honor and disgrace.On the basis of full understanding and research, we need to adhere to the guidance of the socialist nucleus value system, to lead the direction of development of network culture, to develop the network technology and Chinese pages which has independent intellectual property rights. During the process of continuous development of network culture and training a large number of internet talents, we should enrich our socialist culture and promote the continuous progress of socialist harmonious cultural construction.

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