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Real-Time Power-Stealing Monitoring and Arrear Management System

Author ZhangLei
Tutor ZhaoYongPing
School Harbin Institute of Technology
Course Instrument Science and Technology
Keywords Power-stealing Power line carrier GPRS Arrear management
Type Master's thesis
Year 2008
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Electric is an indispensable living resource for every state, region, factory, family and individual. Some lawbreakers vigorously steal electric power for their own benefits. And with the fast development of the electric power system and compute techniques, their power-stealing methods are becoming more and more concealed. Traditional power-stealing inspection depends mainly on survey by hand, which is with low actual effect; and the full-scale survey is hard to realize, making it hard for power-managing department to deal with the power-stealing situation in time. On the other hand, with the enlarging of the city’s range, automatic meter-reading is realized in many home communities. Although the adoption of automatic meter-reading system has realized the real-time acquisition of power-amount, the alerting of arrears is yet to be accomplished, so there are still circumstances that the power supply is cut off because of the consumers’carelessness. Therefore the developing of a new type, real-time power-stealing monitoring and arrears management system can not only monitor the power users, but also manage the remaining advance payment and inform the consumers about the arrears situation, thus reduce the loss of the power-managing department as well as frighten the lawbreakers, which is meaningful for the automatization, intelligence and informatization of the electric industry.In this paper, a real-time power-stealing monitoring and arrears management system is developed to real-time monitor power-stealing and alert the consumers about the arrears situation. The contents of this paper is as followed: the study of common power-stealing and anti-power-stealing techniques; the designing and adjusting of the power line carrier communication channel; the adjusting of GPRS communication channel based on G200 modules; the developing of real-time power-stealing monitoring and arrears management software based on automatic meter-reading.The following are realized in this paper: communication of the channel based on power line carrier modules BWP08 and BWP16; adjusting of GPRS channel based on G200 communication modules; data transition between power line carrier and centralizer channel and GPRS channel based on W77E58 dual- com MCU; developing of the management software. The terminators of the system monitors and acquires the consumers’power data, transmits the data, using power line carrier techniques of BWP16, to the transition module on the centralizer, and finally transmits the data to the upper computer by G200 GPRS data transmitting modules. By reading the communication port, the management software in the upper computer records the data real-timely and handles the corresponding situation.This paper gives out the detailed design of the system. The adjustment of the cable channel, wireless channel, centralizer and management software has been carried on in laboratory environment, and the result shows the feasibility of the entire designing.

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