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Programme of the basic problems of artificial intelligence research and development trends

Author ChenQingXia
Tutor ZhangHuaiMing
School Nanjing University of Aeronautics and Astronautics
Course Philosophy of Science and Technology
Keywords Artificial Intelligence Contextual Analysis Research program Symbolism Connectionist Behaviorism
Type Master's thesis
Year 2009
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This thesis describes the birth of artificial intelligence, motivation , artificial intelligence research program achievements and problems , and to explore the way of artificial intelligence research program . AI was born from the motivation of the needs of society , technical support is also an indispensable factor in many disciplines theoretical support . It is based on these motives , artificial intelligence research in just a few decades has made great achievements , but also because of research in artificial intelligence research agenda is hemmed in their own shortcomings , symbolism , connectionism and behaviorism have encountered not overcome its own difficulties: the symbolism is mainly embodied in machine translation is imperfect, the basic knowledge of human performance problems and insufficient ; connectionist knowledge acquisition is mainly reflected in the technical difficulties ; behaviorism is mainly reflected in the simulation aspect of the human mind limitations of the human mind to grasp the invisible cognitive ability is inadequate. In order to overcome the shortcomings of traditional research programs , artificial intelligence research program must be a breakthrough. In this thesis, artificial intelligence research programs through the course of development experienced by the achievements and problems in a systematic exposition of the symbolism , connectionism and behavioral research program in the content , features, objects, and other aspects of the comparison , and artificial intelligence research program to reflect on the problems encountered , from the ontological semantics aspects of trial solutions , the main purpose is to lead the way in the context of artificial intelligence research program proposed contextual analysis is the development of artificial intelligence research program a new trend . Contextual analysis is morphological , semantic and pragmatic analysis methods collection, which is the context of the core research methods. Context Analysis in artificial intelligence research has important significance : a collection of analysis and synthesis method has the advantage ; conducive to resolving the traditional research program encountered some difficulties ; conducive to digestion unnecessary disputes. Meanwhile, the paper demonstrates the contextual analysis as a new artificial intelligence research program , in theory, have been supported by the historical school , which Kuhn's paradigm theory and methodology of Feyerabend's pluralism in theory give a strong support , and finally , the paper briefly describes the contextual analysis in other subjects research applications .

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