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The Application of Different Particle Size Peanut Shell Added by Wetting Agent and Nutrient Solution in Cucumber Nursery

Author HuWenChao
Tutor SunZhiQiang
School Henan Agricultural University
Course Olericulture
Keywords Peanut shells Particle size Wetting agent Cucumber Nutrient solution
CLC S642.2
Type Master's thesis
Year 2011
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It is a hot pot to use agricultural waste as cultivating substrate.Peanut shell ,sifted according to three kinds of particle size :less than 1mm ,less than 3mm,less than 5mm and added by op-10(wet agency), was used as experiment materials. Sixed kinds of wet agency the concentration is 0.5%、1%、2%、3%、4%、5% was added to the sifted peanut shell according to the volume ratio:1:10.The substrate was used to cucumber‘Shengyou’nursery. The experiment studied the variation of water absorbing quantity、pH、EC、TP、AP、water holding porosity of the substrate; the relationship between rooting rate and TP、AP and water holding porosity; and the most suitable nutrient solution formula in order to find a cheap substrate and simple nutrient solution .1.The water absorbing quantity of all treatments increased apparently compared to CK. Treatment 16 performed best, its quantity was 35.19g.the CK’s10.26 was the least. The wet agency op-10 could overcome the water repellency .2. The difference of bulk density between treatments was little. TP of each treatment increased by increasing particle size. the maximum water-holding porosity of each treatment reduced with the increasing of particle size. The AP under 5mm by particle size was bigger relatively.the wetting agent op-10 was not lonic. It had scarcely effect on the pH and EC.3.There was no apparent relation between germination rate and the TP .There was apparent positive correlation between germination rate and the AP under 0.01 level, There was apparent negative correlation between germination rate and water-holding porosity under 0.05 level.curvilinear regression result showed: there was quadratic function between germination rate and the AP,TP,WHP.: Y=0.556+3.218X-7.108X2 and Y=0.46+3.465X-6.515X2.4.The cucumber seedlings watered the nutrient solution (CO(NH2)242.5mg/L、KH2PO4180 mg/L、KNO3675mg/L)the cucumber seedling indicators including height stem diameter fresh-weight dry-weight root-weight shoot-weight underground fresh weight chlorophyll volume and root activity performed optimum. 5.In the experiment,The treatment 16 (particle size under 5mm,op-10 concentration 3%) performed best in cultivating cucumber.

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