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The Technique of Scene Matching Based on Multi-reference Images and Its Application to Automatic Target Acquisition

Author YangMeng
Tutor LeiZhiHui
School National University of Defense Science and Technology
Course Aeronautical and Astronautical Science and Technology
Keywords ATA Multi-reference images Scene Matching ATA Precision Guidance Visual Navigation
Type Master's thesis
Year 2009
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Since it has a broad application prospects in weaponry, especially in the precision-guided munitions, scene matching technique is developing vigorously. With the rapid development of imaging sensor and scene matching technique, many bottlenecks on hardware and software have been conquered. The imaging guidance is a very important approach to precision-guided munitions. Consequently, scene matching becomes a hot research domain. However, in most applications, researchers use only one image as reference for scene matching and target locating and recognition. It limits the application area of scene matching technique in complex war field circumstances.In this dissertation, a method, which combines the technique of scene matching based on multi-reference images and Automatic Target Acquisition (ATA' dissertation">ATA), is proposed. It has tremendous advantages in the domain of navigation and guidance, such as the high precision of guidance and high tolerance ability of course deviation in the condition of no hardware change, improvement of the guided distance in the same acquisition accuracy and the fire-and-forget mode, etc. So the proposed method can achieve high accuracy of strike and high survivance of battleplane and fighter. The main contents and achievements of this dissertation are as follows:1. The development of the precision-guided technology and the imaging guidance technology is reviewed. And a project which combines ATR and MITL to form ATA is presented. It can realize the target recognition and choosing by manual operation, achieve the target reacquisition, tracking and locking by automatic performance.2. A method which combines the technique of scene matching based on multi-reference images and ATA is advanced. It can be used for the domain of navigation and guidance. Also the work mode of a type of missile is developed.3. An abundance tests, such as indoor imitation scene tests, outdoor real entironment tests, etc. were carried out to verify the feasibility. By these tests, the distinction between imitation scene and real entironment was well gripped.4. The rules of designing and manufacturing three-dimensional emulation scene is proposed. And several three-dimensional emulation scenes are made and well applied to the research and indoor test of the method which combines the scene matching based on multi-reference images and ATA.5. As an extension of application of the proposed method, meanwhile, this dissertation also proposes a basic program on how to apply visual navigation to softlanding of moon-detector on the moon. To test the program, some principle experiments are also performed.

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