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Quality Control of Organic Fertilizer and Its Application on Vegetables

Author ChenYueZhen
Tutor GuoShiRong
School Nanjing Agricultural College
Course Agricultural Extension
Keywords Organic fertilizer Quality control Organic substances Application Vegetable
Type Master's thesis
Year 2011
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Facilities for agriculture is a high input, high output, knowledge and technology-intensive industries, along with the rapid development of agricultural facilities, fertilizer in horticulture has become increasingly prominent position. Organic fertilizer is an important fertilizer resource.Fully rational use of organic fertilizers not only increase crop yields, soil fertility, improve the quality of agricultural products, increase soil nutrient availability, but also it is very important.for reducing agricultural pollution and maintaining sustainable agricultural development The cultivation of vegetable crops in different soil organic matter were detected, of humic acid organic fertilizer in the speed measurement method and total nitrogen, total phosphorus, total potassium of the speed measurement method is conducive to better control the quality of organic fertilizer. Application of organic fertilizer on the high-quality organic fertilizer in pepper and tomato, the results are as follows:1. Soil organic substances of vegetable field are generally low in the northern region of Jiangsu province, most of the soils are less than 0.5%, is extremely lacking in some regions. It is more emphasis on application of organic fertilizer for vegetable farmers, but the content of organic matter is less than 1% in the 60-70% of soil,20% of the soils, the organic substances content is about 2%, the content of organic substances is about 3% of the 10% soil.2. Organic fertilizer in the traditional method is very complicated for determination of organic substance, and the time is long, the method only measured carbon content of fertilizer, but the content of humic acid was not measured. In this study, our results showed that detected some raw-fermented materials, the content of organic substance is bout 30%, but its practical value is very low, and sometimes may damage the crops, thus the traditional methods have some disadvantages.In this study, we conbined the technology of the rapid determination of soil organic substance to use the rapid determination method of the organic fertilizer, which can quickly detect the formation of speed measurement method in humic acid of organic fertilizer, it will be as a scale to dectect the fermentation of organic fertilizer.3. In this study, we improved the detection method of nitrogen, total phosphorus, total potassium in the organic fertilizer, the rapid determination of soil method was appliced to the total nitrogen, total phosphorus, total potassium test, tested samples of organic fertilizer is only through a concentrated sulfuric acid and hydrogen peroxide digestion, it will be be able to quickly measure by colorimetry of the samples of organic fertilizer nitrogen, total phosphorus, total potassium in one day. This method is very suitable for the production of organic fertilizer production enterprises in the application.4. During the process of organic fertilizer production, if chicken manure was used as the main raw material, then material with little content of Cl-was added to dilute that of organic fertilizer; if cow dung was used as the main raw materials, it must been fully fermented to produce enough organic acids which can neutralize the strong alkaline of lime. The fermentation effective was different in the process of fermentation with/without ferment fungus or nitrobacteria. Application of ferment fungus alone has a better performance, especially pre-fermentation. In order to reduce ammonia volatilization in the production process and air pollution of factory, the approach of fungus+bactetia can achieve a better result. In short, we should control the production process, using appropriate methods, to produce organic fertilizer with suitable pH.5. The results of organic fertilizer application showed that the treatment had an obvious effect to prevention and cure continuous cropping obstacles of pepper. Compared to the control, the treatment of organic fertilizer had a better improment in soil texture, pepper growth, fruiting rate, volume and temperature of goods fresh fruit. The yield was 2 times higer than the control area, and the cost was 1.8 times than the control.6. Application of organic fertilizer and compound fertilizer significantly increased the N uptake of tomato basal growth stage, but in no obvious advantage of middle and late stage. Organic fertilizer can help to promote reproductive growth of tomato, and significantly increase the number of fruit per plant, yield per plant, and total production. Organic fertilizer and compound fertilizer can significantly improve fruit quality.

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