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The data in a heterogeneous multi-core processor simulator research division of tasks

Author ZhengKai
Tutor ZhuYongXin
School Shanghai Jiaotong University
Course Software Engineering
Keywords Multi-core processors Simulator Low Power Design Parallel Computing Division of tasks
Type Master's thesis
Year 2008
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In today's engineering, office applications require more and more powerful microprocessor performance, while for the power requirements are increasingly demanding that such a combination of contradictions more obvious in the embedded field. Embedded application development requirements of modern microprocessors have high performance, low power, low cost, but also has the structure scalable and shorter design cycles and other features. Thus modern microprocessor architecture and design methods are faced with enormous challenges. Based on this, we run the microprocessor architecture and task research is of great significance. In order to deal with the application of multi-core processors to achieve higher performance, while the power consumption as low as possible, we are in a multiple-core processor synergy between the research work done. In the era of multi-processor systems, for many unrelated tasks, in order to make it run in parallel, they can be arranged in different processors to run it, and in the era of multi-core processors, this way is not it. In this paper, we use two tasks into a single way streaming media applications (G.721 protocol coding procedures) and search in undirected graph shortest path algorithm (Dijkstra algorithm) to do the task division, these two methods were named \In order to obtain more realistic data output, we are the original multi-core processor simulator made improvements added a real-time computing power output module, so you can better analyze the effect of task division and power output. The simulation results also in a multi-processing system with previous findings on somewhat different: in streaming media applications simulation, using the \have advantages. Of course, this result should be more streaming media application processing has been verified go, and weakly in a non-streaming media data related data applications, the use of \Similarly, do not reflect the superiority, and even some disadvantage. However, architecture designers, would be a good reference. In this article, we are also multi-core processors importance of inter-core communication are described in detail.

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