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The Research and Application of Link Self-recovery Techniques in TDMA Communication System

Author ShenYanQing
Tutor LuYiQin;HouYuQing
School South China University of Technology
Course Electronics and Communication Engineering
Keywords Command and Control System TDMA communication system Slot allocation of resources Link maintenance Link quality estimation
CLC TN929.532
Type Master's thesis
Year 2009
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In order to meet the needs of the digital battlefield, ensure command, control, information security and efficiency, military communications systems increasingly high reliability requirements of the wireless link. Allegations systems generally use a point-to-multipoint star network, voice and allegations of data communication link between the base station command and control vehicle with mobile trolley. The completion of the base station control instructions and binding parameters download, status information feedback wired or wireless data transmission between the mobile station combat units, also for car audio link. In order to protect the real-time nature of the data link, such systems are generally using TDMA. Due to the characteristics of the work of the command and control system, the data link stability, reliability, and self-healing are higher, and the mobile station is generally unattended, changes in the number of mobile station, the abnormal situation automatically link self-healing treatment Composite technology is an important means of protection link reliability. For special applications center tactical radio communication system proposed system link self-healing techniques, i.e. link maintenance and link quality estimation method to determine the link quality. Self-healing, by increasing the time slot resource allocation or seamlessly switch slot resource allocation or enhance link anti-jamming capability to command and control system links to ensure maximum reliability of service transmission. In this paper, by analyzing the needs and characteristics of the wireless the allegations communication system, that the development of the system design, the key consideration is the protection of real-time, anti-interference and link stability, to determine suitable link-run system self-healing is a star network TDMA dynamic slot assignment for link self-healing technology is based on the link maintenance and link quality estimates, enhance link self-healing ability to link anti-jamming technology is adaptive frequency hopping, FCS very narrowband transmission H-ARQ, radio silence. Discussed in detail in this article link maintenance strategy, including the maintenance of the contents of the data transceiver control, maintenance frequency, leakage judgment based on the frame rate calculation method and link quality. Simultaneously on the source of the link quality estimation is mainly detected by the determination of the transmission quality of the frequency hopping synchronization code and a traffic channel bit error rate system performance before and after the contrast link quality estimation technique uses, considering the result of a combination of factors the link quality changes can be given the most suitable link method of self-healing. Article also wireless allegations communication system link embodiment of the self-healing technique, significantly improve the reliability of the data link, the normal data transmission leakage frame rate is not greater than 7/1000, the important data is not greater than 1/10000, the data delay communication distance, anti-throw-interference and long-distance blocking interference requirements and so meet the requirements of the system application link self-healing technology application has been verified. Link reliability of the results of this study to solve the wireless communication system to improve the overall effectiveness of the work, the acceleration of our military information construction is very important to explore; same time, the use of the network design and technical personnel, managers, operators, and wireless systems those are useful.

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