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Study on Optical Pulse Compression and High Power Pulse Propagation

Author LiYaBin
Tutor JiaDongFang
School Tianjin University
Course Physical Electronics
Keywords Ultrashort light pulses Adiabatic compression Fiber nonlinearity Large mode area fiber High power pulse
CLC TN929.1
Type Master's thesis
Year 2009
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Ultrashort pulses by adiabatic compression is a research focus in the field of optical communications. With the development of high-power fiber lasers and amplifiers, nonlinear effects of management issues is becoming the focus and difficulty of the nonlinear fiber optics research. This article focused pulse adiabatic compression technology and high-power light pulses Raman effect suppression to carry out related research, as follows: a light pulse the adiabatic compression technology. Decreasing coefficient κ = 0.25km-1 linear Decreasing DDF, pulse width the 10ps, peak power 4.15W hyperbolic secant shaped soliton pulse compression to the 6.4ps; using Gaussian shape decreasing DDF decreasing coefficient κ = 0.7km-1's, the pulse width the shortest of up to 195.3 fs, the compression factor of 51.2, but the output pulse having a larger base. 2 Select a decreasing coefficient κ = 0.25km-linear decreasing the DDF as optimization object, supplemented by the gain coefficient for 4.5dB/km distributed Raman amplification, pulse compression to 878.7fs from TFWHM = 10ps. 3. 3.0km long linear decreasing nonlinear optical loop mirror (NOLM) DDF constitute the supplemented 7dB/km distributed Raman gain, will TFWHM = 10 ps soliton pulse compression to 195.3fs, at the same time base Block energy of only 11.61%. , The design of large-mode single-mode fiber. Traditional single-mode fiber structure, analysis of the changes in the core diameter fiber effective refractive index, the effective mode area and loss parameters. In singlemode assurance under conditions to achieve the effective area of ??150μm2 the fundamental mode. By bending filtering method, further increasing the core diameter, the effective area of ??a 250μm2 the fundamental mode. Using a large flat-topped structure large mode area fiber design large flat-topped 5000μm2 effective area of ??the fundamental mode fiber, and by bending filter to filter out the higher-order modes, the fundamental mode output. High-power light pulses in fiber Raman effect suppression. Stimulated Raman scattering of high-power nanosecond pulses in the fiber transmission characteristics. Use of existing large-mode optical fiber and to design large-mode fiber transmission simulation of high power pulsed results confirmed that the self-designed fiber better suppression of optical fiber Raman effect. Fourth, the high-energy ultrashort pulse generation and compression technology. Soliton pulse in the normal dispersion fiber amplifier transmission of self-similar characteristics to obtain the energy 2nJ parabolic pulse; using the group velocity dispersion larger anomalous dispersion parameters optical fiber, and of which it forms NOLM parabolic pulse compression of high-energy, fs pulse peak power up to 1884W.

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