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Unified Management Information Model of Automatic Switched Optical Network Control Plane

Author LuoJiaRong
Tutor JinYaoHui
School Shanghai Jiaotong University
Course Communication and Information System
Keywords ASON control plane management unified information model object-oriented XML Schema
CLC TN929.1
Type Master's thesis
Year 2009
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Driven by the rapid growth of Internet development and business traffic demand, the Automatically Switched Optical Network ASON was born as a new type of optical transport network technology. It is the birth of ASON that solves many existing network problems. ASON is on behalf of the future mainstream development direction of optical network.Compared with the traditional transport network technology, the main feature of ASON is the introduction of a control plane, on which level routing protocols and signaling protocols complete the configuration and connection management more intelligently. According to its function, ASON can be partitioned into three parts: transport plane, control plane and management plane, which are relatively independent while collaborative between each other. The network management of ASON has a new identity as a result of the introduction of control plane. It is of great necessity to have research on and make development of ASON network management.However, due to the lack of necessary standards, different devices of ASON follow a variety of existing network management protocol and systems. Thus, the network management protocols are not compatible and information models are different, resulting in the management information not being able to exchange in time, and affecting the normal operation of network services. In order to solve these problems, network managers want an integrated network management system to implement ASON network management, requiring a unified information model at first, which includes an abstract of network information independent of network management protocol, and adopts cross-platform information representing form. Therefore, the network management information modeling is the basis and the difficult of ASON network management. It is also the research focus of many Standardization Organizations. In this paper, based on the work of our predecessors, ASON unified network management information model has been established.In this paper, at first in-depth studies and discussions of several information models of current network management protocols are carried out. By analyzing their strengths and weaknesses, the way of modeling is identified. That is, using the IETF specified ASON MIB as an important reference, being based on the object-oriented idea, and adopting XML Schema representing the management information model. Then, according to four-layer structure of ASON network management system, the administrative-levels model is determined. Based on the object-oriented idea, the method of specificly defining managed object class is given. The mapping rules between MIB and XML Schema elements are also found out. Thereby the idea of establishing a unified information model of ASON network management is acquired. Next, referring to the network management information defined by MIB, element management information model and network management information model of ASON are set up respectively, giving XML Schema representing documents of both. Synthesizing these two layers of information model, ASON unified network management information model is established ultimately, giving a complete XML Schema representing document also. At last, a real network management system, which is based on NETCONF protocol and adopting Web Services technology to implement communication interfaces, is introduced. The information exchange process among system modules to accomplish basic network management function as configuration and LSP establishment is studied. Consequently, by sequently transmitting XML documents in accordance with ASON unified network management information model among system modules, the basic network management functions are realized, which verifies the correctness and feasibility of our model.

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