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Development of Sericulture in Yancheng

Author WangMingXia
Tutor YanHuoQi
School Nanjing Agricultural College
Course Agricultural science and technology organization and services
Keywords Sericulture The development process Industrial management Science and Technology Promotion
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Type Master's thesis
Year 2011
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Sericulture is a traditional industry which has made important contributions to rural economic development and the improvement of farmers’living conditions. Yancheng is the owner of silkworm production areas in eastern China, with a long history of sericulture production, good weather conditions, rapid technological innovation, a solid industrial base, sericulture industry has matured as the region’s leading industries, and sericulture production has become Yancheng agricultural efficiency,rural incomes and financial tax increase of pillar industries, is the high-class of cocoon production base.Yancheng sericulture industry has experienced four stages of development:First, expanding and development period. In the early-period of P.R.C,Yancheng has some basis for the development of sericulture industry, but with the relatively small size and at relatively low speed.After the reform and opening-up, the rural household contract responsibility system arouse famers’ensusiasm and potantial enlogy for production,and the the size and speed of sericulture industry enhanced rapidly. Second, strategic opportunities. As the silkworm Jiangsu area "South north" strategy, Yancheng ushered in the development of sericulture industry opportunities, sericulture industry has been in faster recovery and greater development. Regional silkworm area, mulberry areas and cocoon production increased. Breeding, mulberry planting, sericulture, Seed, Cocoon and other technologies have received significant improvements and enhancements. Third, policy control period. Yancheng reguarded the traditional sericulture production as poverty alleviation initiatives, especially as an important export product, and so sericulture industry has been in an unprecedented rapid development. Coupled with the development of regional economies of scale, up to 1985 Mulberry areas have reached 358,500 acres, species 562,560, bear cocoon 293,430. A group of township and silkworm cocoon Districts has established breeding, mulberry planting, sericulture, drying, processing, and other family support services of the production base, more significant scale of economies. Fourth, the transformation and upgrading period. Due to the Southeast Asian financial crisis and global economic recession, sericulture production in 1997 fall, and in order to stabilize sericulture production and to solve technical problems, Yancheng proposed that sericulture production must maintainthe connotative quality competition development, planting mulberry field must follow mulberry and develop mulberry.To focus contiguous scale base development, and vigorously promote high quality of ten other sericulture technologies, and guarded by actively developping industrial management, and maintain leading driving. Sericulture Co-operation known as "co + company + factory + sericulturist," the industry business model, a typical of the industry has popularized across the country.Currently, there are 250,000 mu of mulberry field, made species 800,000 per year, cocoons more than 600,000 quintals. Respectively, accounting for 2.5%,4%,6%, the province accounted for 18.4%,26.7%,32% and the total cocoon, ranking fourth in the country, second in the province; cocoon quality, highest in the country. In 2008 the output of cocoon was more than 1 billion yuan cocoon. Acres of mulberry silkworm cocoon output in the main producing areas reached 5,000 yuan,4,000 yuan net income of mulberry. As a result,the net income of sericulture industry increased from 40 yuan in 2008 to 60 yuan in 2009. However, due to many factors, there are still many problems yet to be cracked in development of sericulture industry. Mainly:the agricultural labor transfer phenomenon in key production areas is very prominent, the quality of workers engaged in sericulture production shows a significant downward trend,fewer personnel specialized in sericulture technology services on the application of high technology of sericulture production,all of which constitute a greater negative impact. Sericulture technology service system is not perfect. Due to institutional fragmentation, policies from different departments, and the situation of "cocoon long operation, trade multiple management", resulting in a serious decline in cocoon quality. Additionally, sericulture production follow the mechanism market sets the policy", the market risk is greater,sericulturist interests, the sericulture industry solid foundation, and industry fluctuations. Sericulture industry R & D system showed small, scattered, weak situation, scattered resources, scientific research, education and innovation can not keep up development of the industry, the new species, is difficult to obtain high-tech breakthroughs.To promote the development of sericulture industry it is urgent to seize the current favorable opportunity to pick up silk prices,to give full play to its advantages in resources, in accordance with market economy requirements of agricultural natural resources, through government guidance, enterprise driven, farmer participation, organized plan, optimize the silkworm base construction step by step;To increase scientific and technological input, to enhance team building and raising the technological level of production and the overall quality of sericulture industry, and speed up the process of sericulture; promote the production mode from extensive to intensive changing to ecological, social and economic benefits of harmonization, promote the sericulture industry of Yancheng in healthy and stable development.Further rationalize the sericulture management system. Relying on more than 40 currently available sericulture and post-processing enterprises, driven by leading enterprises, standardize the sericulture industry, cooperatives, implementation of the Cocoon and Silk Industry Development Model "company + sericulturist cooperative + farmer". Relying on science and technology to improve the quality of sericulture, to maintain high-quality two-way development though the export processing and domestic trade, and ultimately to find a suitable development of Yancheng, with coastal characteristics of the development.Increase policy support to funding,to promote the development of sericulture industry. The formation of government investment-oriented, relying on input demand, sericulturist and collective input into the new pluralistic as the main mechanism, provide a solid guarantee for the development of high quality raw material cocoon production and development of sericulture industry strengthes. To establish system of risk aversion cocoon, to speed up the process of sericulture, and to clear development goals. Attempt to establish a cocoon of risk aversion system, and actively explore the establishment of sericulture production of agricultural insurance, reduce market risk, protect sericulturist interests,consolidate the basis of sericulture industry. Improve the sericulture service system, increase efforts to promote science and technology. Strengthen the service function, carry out all-round, multi-form, serialized service, effective and efficient development of sericulture as a good sericulturist the staff. Innovate industrial development model. Further cultivate and grow leading enterprises,enlarge enterprise and self-management. Actively guide silk reeling, silk garment industry-based follow-up to industrial development and comprehensive article management industry development in mulberry fruit and mulberry, broaden the industrial development and living space. Relying on technological progress, the implementation of science and technology of silkworm. To enhanse the implementation of agricultural science and education,with a combination of research, to enlarge scientific and technological resources of the optimization and integration, there are a good foundation focused on enabling leading enterprises, research institutes, tertiary institutions, to accelerate the ability to enhance scientific research and innovation to enhance the sericulture industry and the new technology.Promote advanced and applicable technologies to improve the quality of cocoons. Strengthen the new silkworm specise, new technology introduction, demonstration and promotion of sericulture technology, to improve conversion rates and production levels. Adhere to high quality and favorable price, order the implementation of sericulture. Encourage and support the reeling enterprises, silkworm seed farm, sericulture research institutes to establish production bases, the implementation of support services, develop the connection mode of "enterprise + farmers reeling, sericulture sector + farmers", the effective protection of sericulturist interests. Broaden sericulture development, enhance economic, ecological and social benefits. Sericulture by the rich resources, in accordance with the recycling of resources and the ecological chain rule, the production and consumption, industry and agriculture, sericulture industry and other industrial organic links to the stronger traditional sericulture silkworm cocoons and raw silk at the same time, innovate Sericulture development model, to achieve multi-faceted development of sericulture resources, more channels, multi-field development, and ultimately effect less resource consumption, less pollution, more employment and greater economic benefits.

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