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Theory and Implementation of High-speed and High-resolution ADC

Author WangHeGuo
Tutor LiuShuMing
School Xi'an University of Electronic Science and Technology
Course Circuits and Systems
Keywords High speed and precision Time-interleaved sampling Mismatch correction Software implementation
Type Master's thesis
Year 2009
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With the rapid development in digital processing technology in areas such as radar , communications, electronic warfare , signal acquisition speed and accuracy are put forward higher requirements . Accuracy and sampling rate is a contradiction , limited by the level of development of the analog-to-digital conversion chip , the monolithic ADC chip difficult to meet the requirements of high-speed, high-precision , leading to the performance of the A / D to become the bottleneck of high-speed and high-precision acquisition system . Time cross- sampling program proposed to break through the limitations of a single A / D performance , which implements the use of a relatively low-speed and high-precision circuit to achieve high-speed high-precision sampling analog-to-digital conversion system . However, this scenario most immediate difficulty is that in the design of multi-channel matching . For sampling the higher the frequency of the system , the channel does not match the greater the impact . This paper first introduces the basic principles and implementation of time-interleaved sampling method , and time to cross the mismatch between the various channels sampling analog-to-digital conversion system was introduced and analyzed the impact on the overall system performance simulation graphics . And then based on existing theories , design a set time based on the AD9445 four-channel high-speed high-precision cross sampling analog-to-digital conversion system and introduced the system hardware design based on a detailed description of the software design is given . Finally, the combination of the actual process of debugging and analysis of several important issues in the debugging process , and is given a specific solution .

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