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Left-handed Structure and Its Application in Filter

Author LinDanYan
Tutor ZhouXiLang
School Shanghai Jiaotong University
Course Electronics and Communication Engineering
Keywords Left-handed materials The inverse open loop resonator Composite right-hand man transmission line Zero-order resonator Miniaturization
Type Master's thesis
Year 2009
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The left-handed material is a synthetic material of a dielectric constant and the magnetic permeability as well as negative . Experimental in 2000 , the material has attracted widespread interest in the study , and its special electromagnetic properties of the material has an important application value . Currently there are a variety of methods of left-handed materials , flat composite right-hand man transmission line structures in planar microwave circuits and components, design showed great potential . Now , the rapid development of technology , wireless communication makes rational allocation and use of limited spectrum resources is particularly important . The development of miniaturized , low-cost , low-power microwave circuits has become an urgent task . Accordingly, in the microstrip line , introduced into the left hand characteristics , in order to achieve miniaturization , the high selectivity as well as a method of suppressing high harmonics , etc. , are attracting the attention of the industry , and gradually developed . In this thesis, the left hand the characteristics of the structure and its application in the filter . Mainly based on inverse open microstrip ring resonator (CSRR) linear resonant transmission line structure of composite right-hand man , a band-pass filter . The contents of this paper is organized as follows : Chapters I and II , and introduces the development and prospects of the structure of the left hand , as well as its basic theory , the peculiar nature . The third chapter describes the basic principles of filter design , as well as basic technical parameters . The fourth chapter presents a consistent resonant-type left - handed based on SRR coplanar waveguide transmission structure based on the study , its design and simulation , processing , testing , final results with the experimental results . The fifth chapter describes the basic principles of the the composite the handedness structure and CSRR the , proposed a new band-pass filter , through the use of the unique characteristics of the the handedness composite transmission line , using the inverse backplane etching rectangular open loop resonator structure , to improve transmission performance, and achieve the same effect under the premise , reduced in size. The filter is easily processed , low cost , to meet the application requirements of the planar structure of microwave circuits and devices .

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