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Research on Personality Development of Rural Youths under the Conditions of Socialist Market Economy

Author DuDan
Tutor LiGuoHua
School Xiangtan University
Course Ideological and Political Education
Keywords Socialist market economy Rural Youth Personality characteristics Personality development
CLC D432.6
Type Master's thesis
Year 2009
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The quality and extent of the development of the youth, decide the future of a country is important yardstick to measure the level of development of a society, the development of the youth. Rural youth as the main body of the rural labor force and the backbone of the Chinese youth, their development relationship with the future of rural areas, also related to the future of China. Thus promoting rural youth round development is the important guarantee to promote the process of China's modernization, realizing the great rejuvenation of the Chinese nation and the inevitable choice. With the in-depth development of the socialist market economy, the rural social outlook has undergone a major shift, ideas, behavior awareness of farmers also undergone a tremendous change. As the most active groups in the rural community - rural youth, their experience and experience more vivid and profound changes. Under the influence of the socialist market economy, a variety of factors, the majority of the rural youth personality development showing the new features and trends, which contains the changes of the times, also contains inconsistent with the contradictions and conflicts. The one hand, their modern personality development and publicity: subjective consciousness enhancement, changing values, the modernization of the social interaction, self-confident, independent personality and behavioral characteristics of the formation, the more the pursuit of knowledge and progress; hand, in traditional farming culture the personality traits are still evident: poor sense of independence, psychological dependence a strong, Anpinyuedao, legalistic, lazy, etc.. Accompanied by the proliferation of a variety of non-rational, utilitarian personality characteristics embodied in them a certain degree of market economy. Seen in traditional agricultural society to the process of social transformation in modern commodity, rural youth demonstrate traditional personality characteristics of the transition to a modern personality. The healthy development of the personality of the rural youth for the development of our overall quality of rural youth and enhance the overall quality of our national has important practical significance, full of the necessity and urgency of the current situation. Influence under the conditions of the socialist market economy, the development of rural youth personality factors are complex, involving many aspects of the economic, political, social, cultural, through a comprehensive analysis of these complex factors, you can explore the promotion of rural youth personality healthy development of effective ways: improving the socialist market economic system, speed up the development of the rural economy, providing a favorable economic environment for the development of rural youth personality; reform all discriminatory policies, laws and regulations, to provide equal development opportunities for rural youth; strengthen the construction of socialist spiritual civilization, optimization of the cultural environment of rural youth personality development; improve the overall quality of the rural youth to develop their self-development capacity.

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