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Green Econazole on the Production Performance and Meat Quality of Finishing Pigs

Author CaiLing
Tutor WangZiRong
School Xinjiang Agricultural University
Course Animal Nutrition and Feed Science
Keywords Chinese herbal medicine extracts antibiotics finishing pigs production performance meat quality
CLC S828.5
Type Master's thesis
Year 2010
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This study selected 120 pigs of the three-way cross(D×L×L) about 70 days old of the three-way cross(D×L×L),male and female half,boar castration,good health and weight similar to the genetic basis of the relevant.For growing finishing pigs feeding,slaughtering and meat quality determination of the three stages of testing.Comparison of antibiotic additives,Investigation about Chinese herbal extracts on production performance,carcass index and meat quality of finishing pigs.The results showed that.(1) Performance in production,which was compared with the control group,in the period of growing,the average daily feed intake decreased by 3.57%(P>0.05),5.95%(P<0.05) and 2.98%(P>0.05);the average daily gain of Chinese herbal medicineⅡand antibiotic group increased by 5.80%(P>0.05) and 8.70%(P>0.05),the average daily gain of Chinese herbal medicineⅠdecreased by 1.45%(P>0.05);material weight ratio decreased by 3.27%(P>0.05), 11.84%(P<0.05) and 12.24%(P<0.05).Three pigs were diarrhea of control group.The various groups were health.In the period of fattening,the average daily feed intake,the average daily gain and material weight ratio than the difference was not significant in four groups.But the material-weight ratio of Chinese herbal medicine decreased significantly.(2) Performance in the slaughter, which was compared with the control group,Chinese herbal medicineⅠ,Chinese herbal medicineⅡ,antibiotic group,the slaughter rate increased by 1.37%(P>0.05),4.11%(P<0.05) and 2.74%(P>0.05),the average backfat thickness decreased by 1.21%(P>0.05),8.99%(P>0.05) and 9.42%(P>0.05);the eye muscle area increased by 8.38%(P>0.05),13.63%(P<0.05) and 12.28%(P<0.05).(3) Performance in the Quality of the meat, which was compared with the control group,Chinese herbal medicineⅠ,Chinese herbal medicineⅡ,antibiotic group,the cooking loss increased by 6.10%(P>0.05),7.05%(P>0.05) and 0.76%(P>0.05);the driping loss decreased by 14.34%(P<0.05),14.70%(P<0.05) and 4.66%(P>0.05);the intramuscular fat content increased by 8.64%(P>0.05),16.30%(P<0.05) and 7.65%(P>0.05).The test has proved that adding Chinese herbal medicine extracts can obviously improve the growth performance of growing and finishing pigs,reduce the incidence of disease,improve the feed efficiency,and improve the carcass composition and meat quality effectively.

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