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The Application of Strategic Finance Management in Geological Exploration Unit

Author DuJia
Tutor MaoHongTaoï¼›ZengYongLin
School Southwestern University of Finance and Economics
Course MPAcc
Keywords Financial management Strategy Geological exploration units
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Type Master's thesis
Year 2009
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Strategic Financial Management is a modern enterprise financial management late development of the areas of research, objectivity and urgency of its development. In our financial sector has not received enough attention and carry out in-depth research, most businesses only tactical financial management. In a market economy, the enterprises should become an independent commodity producers and operators of strategic financial management, it must be placed in a core position. Corporate strategic financial management is in-depth analysis and accurately determine the impact of corporate internal and external environmental factors and a variety of conditions of corporate finance activities based on the movement of enterprise funds or financial activities, in order to achieve corporate strategic objectives, a comprehensive, long-term and creativity the plan. The enterprise strategic financial management is the guiding ideology and principles of the company's overall long-term development play a significant impact on the financial activities of the business organization or deal with the strategy of the importance and complexity of financial activity or financial relationships, it is an important part of the corporate strategy. State-owned geological exploration units in the early 1950s, engaged in geological exploration team set up by the state, is to enhance the degree of geological research-based services as an important force in the country's economic construction and social development. Currently, the state-owned geological exploration units charged with the task of implementing the sustainable development strategy for the country, plays an important role in the two markets. Been worthy of financial support to the work community free use of the geological survey of the results of the work of Finance and Economy and the economic benefits of social services driven, gradually entering the transaction, has become a commodity, the geological survey work is in fact no longer longer purely accept financial support to complete the tasks assigned by the government institutions, but for the community to provide services, market competition economic entity. Through 20 years of reform, China's geological exploration units has initially formed a new pattern of technology as the guide, the mode of enterprise management mechanism, oriented to market competition mechanism to mobilize the enthusiasm of the majority of the geological survey, work efficiency The amplitude increases. Technical strength and the overall level of the engineering geological exploration units have made great progress, the completion of the geological survey tasks of the state capital construction and technical transformation of enterprises, has made a significant contribution to the socialist modernization drive. SIDK geological survey in the New hospital reform is carried out in the context of market, globalization, knowledge-based, its basic characteristics should be based on the development, \sufficient sense of crisis and urgency, new ideas, new ideas and new ways to promote of Geological Exploration economic rapid and sustained development. Currently SIDK Geological Prospecting Institute, consisting of more than 1200 people on the one hand is facing a good opportunity to develop, but at the same time, with the the hospital output value has increased annually, the size of expanded each year, more and more onerous management, the existing management mode in the original economic size and stage of development of the economy had a role in promoting, but no longer fit the current and future development needs of the unit. As the corporate financial management in a pivotal position in the enterprise management, the development strategy of any business if there is no cooperation and support of the financial strategy, will become castles in the air. Therefore, the implementation of strategic management, necessary requirement for enterprise financial management can not simply pursue their optimization, and shall meet the strategic thinking to support the corporate strategy to consider, from a strategic height from the global financial behavior. In this paper, the method of case studies, Analysis of SIDK Geological Prospecting Institute of Strategic Financial Management. The basis of the entire the SIDK Geological Prospecting hospital system reform development strategy, the first systematic review of strategic financial management theory and in-depth analysis in enterprises are facing domestic and international environment as well as within the industry and enterprise of their own resources, come SIDK geological survey hospital reform is imperative; same time, for the establishment of the three strategic financial management model, based on life-cycle approach, SIDK Geological Prospecting Institute should choose the conclusions of the dilated strategic financial management model, which can then be the use of the theory of financial management, cash flow theory, as well as the organizational system and tax planning method combining strategic financial management of the implementation of the security system for the characteristics of the geological exploration units of the industry, in order to solve the existing domestic geological exploration units financial management system is not perfect, unclear objectives and guiding role and many other issues. The first chapter describes the background, research methods and analysis of ideas, research significance and innovation, and research related theoretical overview and focuses on strategic financial management characteristics, the difference between traditional financial management, and proposed the Strategic Finance management mode selection principle. Chapter Two of SIDK Geological Prospecting Institute strategic financial management model were analyzed. Start from the the SIDK Geological Prospecting Institute of History and Current Status analysis of the overall development strategy of the hospital, at the same time, the international and domestic political and economic, social and cultural industry policies were described in detail so as to arrive SIDK Geological Prospecting Institute should be selected dilated strategic financial management path. Third is the SIDK the Geological Prospecting hospital dilated strategic financial management path of specific planning, including the formulation and implementation of strategic financial management, which discusses in detail the fund-raising strategy, investment strategy and operating strategy, and KX consulting firm The case effectively support SIDK Geological Prospecting Institute dilated ongoing strategic financial management path. The fourth chapter of the thesis was constructed strategic financial management of the security system, from the organization and management system, financial management system construction and tax planning three aspects of the detailed argument. Paper, based on the whole process of SIDK Academy of Geological Prospecting system reform, combined with the ideology of the State Council, to make a compliance unit facts scientific and efficient financial management system-building programs, and effective organization management system, system construction and tax planning for the protection of SIDK the geological prospecting hospital after system reform can better adapt to the needs of market development, the overall business development strategy can achieve smooth. Elaboration of geological exploration units strategic financial management theory system for the SIDK Geological Prospecting hospital management to provide the development and implementation of strategic financial management ideas can be more effective than the previous theory to guide the unit strategic financial management practices and further strategic management thinking people, to learn and practice the concepts and methods of modern financial management and corporate management for the hospital, to improve the overall competitiveness of the active support and useful help. SIDK Geological Prospecting Institute has the typical characteristics of the geological exploration units, deployment of financial management of similar units can provide certain reference. But at the same time, strategic financial management theory itself involves a wide range, coupled with the thesis of space and time constraints, all the issues involved in strategic financial management can not be detailed and in-depth research.

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